ARK: Survival Evolved – You Probably Don’t Know This About Noglins

ARK: Survival Evolved - You Probably Don’t Know This About Noglins

Noglins, named after being ‘Noggin Goblins’, oddly cute and disgusting at the same time, are mind-sucking creatures and player utilitarians

Some call Noglins scary and some call them cute, in fact, these little creatures are both. These unique little fantasy creatures from ARK: Survival Evolved don’t seem to be inspired by any real creatures. However, they resemble many of the parasites often found in science fiction stories. One thing these noggin goblins do well is to control the minds of other creatures and drain them of their willpower. If these creepy-cute creatures are around you, then you should be careful. If you manage to tame them, then you can play very powerful tricks on your opponent.

How can you tame a Noglin?

Since Noglins do not eat normal food, they can be tamed by giving them what they love most, the fresh and tasty brains of living creatures. The only way to tame Noglins is to bring a living creature to him so that he can satiate their hunger by feeding on their brain. However, there is nothing to panic about because most of the creatures do not suffer any major damage after the Noglins attack and they survive.

As simple as this method seems, it is not that easy. First of all, it is very difficult to understand which organism Noglin will attack. It is cumbersome to understand how he chooses his targets. Secondly, the time frame for Noglin’s mind control varies greatly, making the taming process ineffective and burdensome. 

Although there is no specific preference shown by Noglins, they can be quickly tamed by feeding them creatures that the player has not bred from tamed creatures. Therefore, for the sacrifice, the players must choose those creatures whose energy is not lost and who have not been tamed before. The reason behind this is that controlling the mind sacrifices some HP. Smaller creatures have this a bit too much, and mind-controlled creatures can strike back and attack the player, potentially putting gamers in danger. Also, Noglin does not again attack creatures that have already been mind controlled.

When taming a Noglin, players are advised to build a large enclosure around where they find a Noggin Goblin. Then bring a creature with high HP and minimal damage inside the enclosure, so that the Noggin Goblin can control it by feeding on its brain. 

ARK: Survival Evolved - You Probably Don’t Know This About Noglins

How can Noglins be used?

As you already know, Noglin is great for manipulating, blocking, and outright killing opponents. Some of the things that Noglins can do very easily are:

Vandalism – Noglin can also mess with players. Tamed Noglin can be used to mentally incapacitate an opponent before messing with their base camp. This can be an infamous method of sabotage.

Diversion – Due to the extremely small size of the Noglins, they are very difficult to shoot. These noggin goblins can be unleashed to distract the opponents. 

Instant Kill – Removing a Noglin from wild animals prematurely possesses a tremendous level of damage. In that way, they can be used to kill almost any creature except some.

Rampage – A menacing wild creature can be mind controlled and released to destroy the enemy’s territory, creating havoc and giving you time to attack the rest of the opponents.

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How to tame a Noglin in the ARK?

Noglins can be tamed by feeding them the mind of wild creatures that have a high amount of health and the least damage. Once mind-controlled creatures are not ideal as bait.

Where to find Noglin ARK?

Noglins are mind-controlling small creepy creatures in ARK: Survival evolved. They are found somewhere on the video game map.