Resident Evil: Ada Wong’s Storyline Explained Throughout The Franchise

Resident Evil: Ada Wong’s Storyline Explained Throughout The Franchise

Ada has been one of the most enigmatic characters in Resident Evil history, with her true motives still unknown

Ada Wong, a pseudonym for a mysterious Asian-American spy in the Resident Evil franchise. She has developed a reputation in the business world for being able to handle the most challenging missions and critical situations guiltlessly. She worked covertly in the background of numerous biohazard occurrences, gathering data that was helpful to several organizations while simultaneously working to sabotage them. Wong, however, has frequently deceived the organizations and clients she is linked with in order to pursue her own “real mission” and solely follows it.

Ada has had a very prominent role in the Resident Evil franchise, be it the games or the movies. Her mischievous and inscrutable nature has made her a fan favorite. Ada’s character has evolved greatly over the 25 years of franchise history. All the while, Ada’s true motive remained an unsolved mystery. Her backstory is a huge missing piece of the Resident Evil Universe. Another interesting thing about Ada Wong is that this character has only appeared in even-numbered franchises since Resident Evil 2. Sadly, Ada Wong didn’t return for Resident Evil, at least we can recap the fan-favorite character.

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Resident Evil 2

Ada Wong was first mentioned in the first game of Resident Evil in a letter written by Umbrella Corporation member John, although she first appeared in the game Resident Evil 2, released in 1998. In Resident Evil 2, Ada was working as a spy for a rival company to the Umbrella Corporation and was on a mission handled by Albert Wesker to steal a sample of the G-virus. During the mission, occasionally helping Leon, Ada sneaks into the NEST laboratory and encounters Dr. Annette Birkin, Dr. William Birkin’s wife. Dr. Annette was responsible for creating the G-virus. Ada manages to obtain a tissue sample from Dr. William Birkin infected with the G-virus.

In Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, a spin-off released in 2007, we see injured Ada reporting progress to Wesker and flying to Raccoon City in an Umbrella helicopter.

Resident Evil: Ada Wong’s Storyline Explained Throughout The Franchise

Resident Evil 4

While investigating the Las Plagas parasite in Spain, Ada runs into Leon once again six years after the events of Raccoon City. Ada Wong was still working for a rival company reporting to Wesker and was on a mission to find Dr. Luis Sera in Spain. Ada saves Leon’s life several times, which shows Wesker that she does things on her own terms. Eventually, Sera was killed by Osmund Saddler and Osmund manages to take a sample of the Dominant Species Plaga with him.

Ada was captivated while trying to capture Osmund and Leon rescued her. Together they neutralized Osmund. Ada and Leon then had a fight over the sample and Ada managed to take the sample with her. Instead of giving the original Plaga sample to Wesker, she gave him a sample of the weakened Plaga, making it clear that she does not trust him.

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Resident Evil 6

Ada was a lead character in Resident Evil 6, unlike secondary characters in other parts of the franchise. Ada was still working in the dark, helping Leon and his partner Helena Harper to contain the global virus outbreak. Nine years after the Plaga virus outbreak in Spain, Ada was once again personally involved in a new C-virus outbreak by National Security Advisor Derek C. Simmons. Simmons had created a clone of Ada named Carla.

After being betrayed by Dr. Simmons, Carla founded Neo Umbrella and plans to spread the C-virus to some of the world’s largest cities. Throughout the game, Ada chases Carla while dodging a spiteful and irate gang of BSAA members, notably Chris Redfield, who misidentifies Ada as Carla. Ada teams up with Leon and Helena in China to eliminate Simmons after killing the mutant Carla. She found and destroyed Carla’s lab. 

The story of Ada ends with a phone call for another mission which she accepted. It’s been over 10 years since Ada appeared in Resident Evil. Fans are curious to know his further story and real motive. Chris’ character is set to return in Resident Evil 8 and we hope Ada returns as well. Ada is definitely coming back with the rumored Resident Evil 4 remake, if not with RE 8.

Resident Evil: Ada Wong’s Storyline Explained Throughout The Franchise


Who is Ada Wong in the Resident Evil movie?

Li Bingbing played the role of Ada Wong in the Resident Evil movie.

How old is Ada Wong?

Ada Wong was born in 1974. She is 49 years old.

Who played Ada Wong in Resident Evil Retribution?

Chinese actress Li Bingbing played the role of Ada Wong in Resident Evil Redistribution.

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