10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Resident Evil's Albert Wesker

One of the most notorious and dastardly villains in the Resident Evil franchise, Albert Wesker has an interesting past. Albert may return in upcoming Resident Evil projects as he has been mentioned several times even after his death long ago.

The infamous Resident Evil villain, Albert Wesker gave Chris Redfield a tough fight through all of their encounters. With superhuman strength, lightning speed, intelligence, and a hunger for power, Albert Wesker is a very cunning and deadly foe. With his sharp wits, he can prepare covert missions. Had it not been for Redfield, Albert Wesker would have pushed the planet into a catastrophic situation. Like all the other favorite villains, Albert Wesker has a strange past that has made him stronger. 

We’ve listed 12 things I bet you didn’t know about Albert Wesker from Resident Evil, that will help you better understand this character and some of them might surprise you.

10. Albert Wesker and William Birkin were schoolmates

Albert Wesker and William Birkin studied together and worked at Umbrella, but later parted ways. When Umbrella tried to steal William’s research, he injected himself with the G-virus and it spread throughout Raccoon City. Leon and Claire later finish him off.

9. Albert Wesker may be his pseudonym

Dr. Spencer began the Wesker Project, in which he aimed to create a new race of gods that would replace humans in the future. All the children who were included in this experiment were given the surname Wesker.

8. Wesker finished a Ph.D. in Virology at just 17

All hail to his sharp intellect and money, Albert earned a Ph.D. in virology as a teenager, which made him a desirable candidate for the Umbrella Corporation. He was one of the few researchers to work on immortality with Dr. Spencer.

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7. Albert faked his death

Wesker was killed by the same tyrant he had unleashed on STARS. However, before he died he injected himself with a prototype virus. That virus not only brought him back to life but also made him super powerful, lightning fast. He also has healing powers. He already had combat skills, but with new powers, he became even more dangerous.

6. Never faced Leon Scott Kennedy

Despite the prominence of both in the franchise, Leon and Albert have never had a face-to-face encounter. Wesker tells Wong to kill Leon. Later, due to the worsening of the situation, he handed over this work to Krauser.

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Resident Evil's Albert Wesker

5. Worked as a double agent

Albert Wesker was a senior researcher on Biological Organic Weapons and the T-virus. He questions Dr. Spencer’s motives and then leaves the project. After that, he worked as a spy in the US Army and Umbrella’s private army. Later cheated both and joined a third rival company.

4. Did business with drug dealers

Javier Hidalgo was the boss of the Sacred Snake drug cartel and a longtime buyer from Umbrella corporation. Albert Wesker sold him bio-weapons.

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3. Wesker had an illegitimate son

Jake Muller, Albert’s illegitimate son, lived with his mother in Edonia. Later he started working as a mercenary soldier who only meant money.

2. Believed himself the saver of the earth

Albert Wesker considered himself a hero who felt that humans were on their way to their destruction and he was saving them. He was supposed to work on immortality with Dr. Spencer to create a superior human race, but he decided to become a god himself.

1. He has an equally evil sister

The most talented of the Wesker children and his sister, Dr. Alex Wesker, held high positions at Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. She betrayed the Umbrella Corporation and pretended to be a goddess, succeeding in ruling over the island of Zabytij where the inhabitants worshiped her.


Who is Albert Wesker?

Albert Wesker, a scientist and a notorious villain in Resident Evil gained superstrength and speed after injecting himself with a prototype virus.

How old is Albert Wesker?

Albert Wesker was 38 years old when he was the captain of STARS.

Who is Albert Wesker in Resident Evil?

Albert Wesker might be a part of the Wesker project started by Dr. Oswell spencer. He was a scientist-turned-villain.

How did Albert Wesker get his powers?

Albert Wesker injects himself with a prototype virus just before being attacked by the tyrant. The virus resurrected him and granted him superpowers.

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