‘Sons of The Forest’ Game Review: Offers News Survival But Familiar Challenges

‘Sons of The Forest’ Game Review: Offers News Survival But Familiar Challenges
Image: Endnight Games

With an interesting experience, the comeback of Sons of the Forest 1.0 had an exciting release following the debut of its original early access. Although, while playing the game, you will realize that the early access version and the original have similarities. However, in places, you will feel the Sons of the Forest’s original version to be more focused and interesting. Besides, despite the early access version being reviewed satisfactorily, the 1.0 had more exciting features in terms of world and experience.

With the ability to build an endless number of accessible shelters as you go through the spooky caves, the game is somewhat challenging. However, it’s easy to position yourself with accurate shelter, water, and food; hence, you don’t need to worry about the additional things. Despite the Sons of The Forest 1.0 release adding up challenges by making water sources tainted until you boil it, it’s not much to worry about. Since to make up for the problem you will be finding enough hydrating berries and energy drinks for energising yourself while you look for a pot that is needed to sterilise things.

Not only the energy drinks, but for building a shelter you can take help of the guide book that features a plethora of building recipes. Additionally, you can also take the assistance of Kevin for food gathering; Kevin is one of the two NPC characters that is designed to join your journey on the island.

‘Sons of The Forest’ Game Review: Offers News Survival But Familiar Challenges
Image: Endnight Games

The improvements you will feel in the Sons of The Forest 1.0 is in its island settings that is bound to recite its tales. Additionally, you will be receiving paper trails, notes, and new cutscenes that flesh out characters and past events. Hence, these transformations add more edges to the outlining while building depth to characters and events. With the series of caves giving way to bunkers, bunkers to somewhere else, and so on, there are clues and bodies everywhere that fill the gaps as you flash the story. Besides, in comparison to the Sons of The Forest 1.0 has more clarity and you will find it while expanding your reach in the island and finding key items. With it, you will be feeling much clearer in terms of what you are looking for, what is the location of the required things, and what are the requirements. 

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Hence, with the useful guide, you can ease the frustration of working out where to go next and how you find tools and the need to go. In addition to it, tools like golf carts and hand gliders also speed up the process, and also works as a catalyst in the process of finding out the stuff. With undergrowth in tiny electric cars as you reach in between the locations adds joy in the overall process.

While Sons of The Forest early access version, realised it had the potential to be a horror game. With endless crafting and alone survival, it’s undeniable. With survival and craft to be played, the island is full of weird and mutated; hence, you will never feel safe. Besides, the caves have particularly horrific experiences.

Additionally, the late game pushes the survival aspect without any decent gear or the struggle to stay alive with darker and deeper caves that seek attention. Although the caves will give you a dungeon vibes as you risk your supplies and resources, the reward makes the danger worthy.

How to Buy Sons of The Forest?

While the game, Sons of The Forest, was released for Microsoft Windows on Steam, you can buy Sons of the Forest from the same platform. Sons of The Forest, on steam, features more than 16 languages that includes Italian, German, French, and Spanish, among others. Although the prices might vary from region to region, you can explore through its website to buy a copy for yourself.

Final Words

In the essence, the Sons of The Forest 1.0 has the best version of the game. Although the early access titles have some of the beginner’s vibes, the original version has been there from the start. An enthusiastic game, the updates have brought a recent framework. Hence, if you are a gaming enthusiast who was eagerly anticipating to play Sons of The Forest 1.0 has a plethora of surprises for you. Additionally, the gamers who have already experienced its original easy access, its updated and recently released version has come with more features, added bonus, and additional surprises for you. 

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