CRM Software, Monday – Features, Pros, and Cons

CRM Software, Monday - Features, Pros, and Cons

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to the processes as well as the technologies used to manage your relationship and interactions with customers and potential customers. Companies usually employ a CRM platform to manage the activities and data related to customer relationships. We will talk about such a platform, Monday or, in this post. 

What is Monday?

Monday is essentially a project management tool that has recently launched a CRM for salespeople. It combines the features of a product management tool with those of a CRM to create a platform that can be equally useful for salespeople, marketers, and project managers. Nevertheless, the CRM template of Monday is specifically designed to aid sales teams.

What are some key features of CRM software Monday?

Monday doesn’t go too overboard with features, it has stuck with the usual features that you find in CRM software. Additionally, it has some integration opportunities that allow sales teams to communicate better within the company. Here are some features that might come in handy. 

Through and Through Customization

Monday gives salespeople a CRM template that they can mold according to their convenience and habituated processes. It lets you color code the leads, mark their stage, and update their positions based on the progress made. The dashboards are customizable too. You can color code everything and it looks and feels great.

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Automated alerts 

One of the key aspects of customer relationship management is keeping track of customer engagement. Monday allows you to automate that. It sends an alert whenever a customer responds to an email and after that only with a couple of clicks can you update their contact status. The tool is loaded with several other automation.

Centralized management

Monday is designed in a way that you do not have to toggle through multiple dashboards to find specific information about a lead or a contact. For instance, you can visit the account-related information of a corresponding contact on the contact page itself. At any given point, you can access the account-related, contact-related, and deal-related information with a single glance.


This is an area where Monday has done a really good job. If your sales team communicates through multiple channels it is important to keep track of the communications and ensure that nothing important is lost. Monday enables integrations through which it is possible to centralize communications and enhance collaboration between teammates and across teams.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data should dictate the activities of sales teams more than instincts or personal preferences. Sales teams make better decisions when they have data on the completed deals and the ones in the pipeline. Monday shows forecasted values and numerous KPIs that help you judge the leads better. This easy access to analytical information definitely makes the job easier for a salesperson.

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Ease of use and setup

Monday is easy to set up and even easier to use. As we have already discussed, the CRM is thoroughly customizable. It features a drag-and-drop interface that makes it super easy to navigate through various modules and toggle through pages, visualizations, and analytical data.

You can optimize the columns and groups according to your own preferences.

Key Pros at a glance

  • Deploy custom forms to capture lead data
  • Visualize a lead’s journey with 8+ unique views
  • Use custom dashboards to qualify, analyze, and track leads
  • Keep information central and accessible across teams

Cons at a glance 

  • Monday requires a lot of manual inputs to work well as a CRM
  • It is more of a project management tool with some CRM features
  • Data quality is not protected throughout the sales journey
  • More suited for multi-purpose use, not purpose-built for CRM or sales for that matter.  


If you are looking for a tool that can be used across teams for marketing and sales and something that packs features of both project management and customer relationship management, Monday CRM software could be a good pick. It is not very expensive and comes with a no-strings-attached trial for two weeks. It is something you can definitely try. But if you are habituated to a more purpose-built CRM like Salesforce or Nutshell, the transition to Monday may seem a bit odd. 

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