Check out These Best AirTag Alternatives and Never Lose Your Keys Again 

Top 5 AirTag Alternatives to Keep Track of Your Belongings
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Are you tired of losing your belongings? Well, worry no more, as many Bluetooth object tracker devices help users keep an eye on their items and not lose them here and there. The Apple AirTag is one such device for iOS users that prevents them from misplacing their items. This article will give you an overview of the Apple AirTag and AirTag alternatives for Android users as well.

What is AirTag?

An AirTag is a tracking device that is designed by Apple and acts as an object finder. It helps people find objects like keys and wallets, among other lost things. You can attach these devices to your keys, cars, or bags so that you can find and locate them easily. Moreover, these devices are compatible with iPhones and iPads.

AirTags work through Apple’s Find My Network program. It implies that the AirTag will send signals to your device and will be easy to locate, as long as it is in the Bluetooth range of any Apple device. Therefore, you will be able to find your device even if you are in another country; only the AirTag should be in the Bluetooth range of an Apple device.

Is AirTag Legal?

Using AirTag is legal, but accessing the device for performing unauthorized activities is not. AirTag is developed by Apple for the sole purpose of helping users locate their belongings easily and avoid getting lost. However, the device has been recently used for illegal tasks such as tracking someone without their permission. Apple then urged the users to refrain from such activities after an increase in the number of stalking and theft crimes. According to some AirTag reviews, some people used it to track strangers from bars; others used AirTag to follow a car and steal it later.

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Is AirTag safe?

Other than its ability to not only find lost items but to track people and abuse its features, the device is safe to use. AirTags are very popular devices among travelers to use to track their luggage and prevent it from being lost by the carriers. Even though Lufthansa said that AirTags were not allowed on the flight, it faced a lot of backlash from passengers, who claimed that the service carrier was avoiding accountability. Soon, the Federal Aviation Administration gave it a green flag, as the device was not hazardous to carry on flights. 

Top 5 AirTag Alternatives to Keep Track of Your Belongings

Best AirTag alternatives

There are many AirTag alternatives available to users, and they come up with better features. Some of them are listed below.

1. Tile Pro

This is one of the best AirTag alternatives, as it is a lightweight and portable device. The text is a mix of passive and active voice sentences. You can easily attach this Bluetooth object tracker to luggage and keys, among other items that you need to track. Moreover, you can track them through the Tile app on iOS or Android devices. You can use the app to ring the object, check the recent location, and get other help anonymously.

Similar to the Apple AirTag, this device is water-resistant and has a one-year replaceable battery. However, you will need to subscribe to access premium features such as battery replacement and smart alerts.

First of all, it is light in weight.Tile Pro is expensive when compared to other devices.
It has a Bluetooth range of up to 400 feet.Furthermore, it needs a subscription for premium features like smart alerts.
Tile Pro can be paired easily.
Lastly, the device can be used on both iOS and Android.

2. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a simple device that can be easily attached to any object that you want to track. It has a Bluetooth range of up to 400 feet, which is better than the range of the Apple AirTag. Moreover, it is easy for users to find the object with the ringing feature through its app. Also, items that are not within the Bluetooth range can be tracked with the help of the Galaxy Find network feature.

First, it has a Bluetooth range of up to 120m. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can only be used on Galaxy devices.
Additionally, it can be used as a switch for smart home appliances.
Uses the Galaxy Find network feature to track the item.
Lastly, it costs less than other devices.

3. Cube Pro

The Cube Pro is a Bluetooth tracker that also serves as a selfie remote. You can take selfies without using your hands to avoid getting blurred photos. However, its Bluetooth range reaches only up to 200 feet, which is very low compared to other Bluetooth tracking devices. The ringer of this device rings at 101 dB to make it easy to find lost objects. In addition, Cube Pro has a water-resistant feature and works with a companion app called Cube Tracker.

It has a compact design.The 200-foot Bluetooth is very low in comparison to other trackers.
Moreover, the Cube Pro is a waterproof device.
It has a 1010 db ringer.
Lastly, it works as a selfie remote.

4. Chipolo ONE

This Bluetooth device comes in six colors and has a lightweight, minimal design. It also supports voice assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. However, the best part about Chipolo ONE is that it delivers 120 dB, making it easier to find misplaced objects. Unlike the Apple AirTag, the Chipolo one has a one-year user-replaceable battery. Moreover, Chipolo One is water-resistant and comprises features that make it an amazing AirTag alternative.

The device comes in six colors.AirTag’s water-resistant capacity is better than Chipolo’s.
It can deliver up to 120 dB of sound.
It is a water-resistant device.
Lastly, it comes with a two-year user-replaceable battery.

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5. Tracki GPS Tracker 

The Tracki GPS tracker does not depend on a Bluetooth connection but tracks items with the help of GPS. Also, its GPS tracking means that it provides unlimited range, along with its portability. The device has a rechargeable battery life of up to 75 days and costs less than other tracking devices.

It has an unlimited range.The device falls behind in its appearance, and it doesn’t look nice.
Tracki GPS does not depend on any app.
Additionally, it costs less than other trackers.
Lastly, it works on both Android and iOS.


In summary, these were some of the best AirTag alternatives to help you track your belongings. However, it should be noted that these devices are not built for illegal purposes like tracking a person or being involved in robbery. Therefore, ethical use is important; otherwise, it could land you in trouble.