Toll the Dead 5e: What Is It And How To Use It?

Toll the Dead 5e: What Is It And How To Use It?

Toll the Dead 5e is the latest cantrip in ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ fifth edition of the famous tabletop game. It is a highly potent and dangerous cantrip of this edition that only some specific classes can use against their enemies. If you want to play ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ more effectively and defeat your enemies in the game, then Toll of the Dead can be your ideal weapon in hand. However, before you plan to use this cantrip, it would be wise to learn which classes can use this cantrip and how to use it effectively.    

Which classes can use toll the dead?

Toll of the Dead 5e is available for only three classes – Clerics, Warlocks, and Wizards. The Warlocks and Wizards classes are primarily created through any alignments, and therefore, they can be easily seen as natural and evil. On the other hand, Clerics are stereotyped as the ‘Good.’ 

Although Toll the Dead cantrip is available for all three wizards, warlocks, and clerics, this cantrip is most fit for clerics of the Death Domain—especially those who are wholly or solely dipped in necromancy. As a result, toll the dead cantrip brings freshness and new opportunities to this class.   

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How to use toll the dead?

As per the Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, dnd Toll the Dead is a cantrip for necromancy with an astonishing range of 60 feet. To use this cantrip on a player’s turn, you must first find a creature (your targeted enemy) within the range to cast your cantrip. Once you set your target and cast a cantrip, you will hear a “dolorous bell” ringing, which indicates the toll of the enemy’s death. 

And if the target fails to reach the ‘Wisdom saving throw,’ they will take a 1d8 necrotic damage. The necrotic damage is focused on death and decay that slowly eats away at the targeted creature if they fail their ‘saving throw.’ If the target misses their ‘wisdom saving throw,’ they will receive the doubled or maximized necrotic damage.

Toll the Dead 5e: What Is It And How To Use It?

How to do the extra damage with toll the dead in 5e

The toll of the Dead 5e is a cantrip (more of a weapon) specially designed to strike harder against the target that is already getting weaker in the game. Hence, the toll of the dead cantrip bell brings your weak enemy closer to death. This way, the toll to death also sets a great mood for the fight. When you cast a toll the dead cantrip it strikes 1d8 necrotic damage. However, it becomes more deadly by striking 1d12 if the target has any hit points missing. 

When you use this cantrip on higher levels, it causes more significant damage. For instance, at the 5th level, it strikes 2d8 or maximized 2d12; at the 11th level – 3d8 or maximized 3d12; and at the 17th level – 4d8 or maximized 4d12. This cantrip damage guarantees to pull down your enemies closer to death who are already affected by necrotic damage.  

So, studying about your enemies in the Monster Manual is a must, especially if you want to use this cantrip most efficiently in the game. 

The best time to cast toll the dead is when the enemy is weak ( like one round of a fight where they get defeated or get severe damage). As a result, you will get the best outcome of the strike.

Toll the Dead 5e is the most amazing yet one of the most cantrip of the Dungeons and Dragons game 5th edition. Also, it is a cantrip, not a spell, so you can use it multiple times whenever you feel like striking down your enemy in the game. 

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