Nero in Devil May Cry: Unveiling The Demon Within

Nero in Devil May Cry: Unveiling The Demon Within

Nero is one of the Devil May Cry’s primary characters. He initially featured as a playable character in Devil May Cry 4 and later in Devil May Cry 5. Nero grew up in Fortuna and served for the Order of the Sword. It is an organization that worships Sparda as a holy knight. Furthermore, it was revealed that he was Vergil’s son, Dante’s nephew, and Sparda’s grandson. In Devil May Cry 4, Nero is a teen who inherited Sparda’s skills and uses them to hunt demons. His character has also been seen in print media for these two parts.


Nero wears a long, dark blue coat with the Order of the Sword emblem on both shoulders in Devil may cry 4. He wears a red zip-up vest over a black shirt, a red wristband on his left wrist, and blue trousers with a rose buckle belt. Nero also wears brown boots and two rings, one with an order of the sword symbol and the other with a rose design. He has the same blue eyes and white hair as Dante and Vergil.

Nero was found as a baby by Credo and Kyrie’s family and he grew up in fortuna. Then Nero joined the Order of the Sword with Credo to fight the invading demons. Nero was victorious but could not stop the demons from injuring his shoulder and Kyrie. Soon, Kyrie recovered, but Nero’s shoulder did not heal properly and became something else. It turned out to be a demonic power, and he started training it.

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On the day of the festival of the blade, Nero could not arrive on time for Kyrie’s performance after dealing with a group of demons. He leaves her a gift and gets ready to leave, but is attacked by a group of demons. Kyrie sees that his brother is going to get killed, escapes Nero’s hold, and runs to the demons but is attacked. When Nero sees a man over Kyrie, he kicks him and sends Credo and Kyrie to get help. After a turn of events, Nero is revealed as Sparda’s grandson in this installment.

Nero in Devil May Cry: Unveiling The Demon Within

In Devil May Cry 5, Nero’s life is turned upside down when a mysterious person rips out his devil-bringer arm. Nero gets a prosthetic devil-breaker arm and follows the figure to Red Grave City, where he finds Dante and V. It is later revealed that V is one-half of Vergil, his father. Nero finds out about this fight between the brothers and overpowers Vergil with his devil trigger. This makes Dante and Vergil trust him with the safety of the world, and they trap themselves in the underworld.

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How old is Nero in DMC?

Nero is 19 years old in Devil May Cry 4. Devil May Cry 5 occurs 6 years after the fourth installment, as Nico mentions in Before the Nightmare. Therefore, Nero is 25 years old in Devil May Cry 5

What is Nero’s Devil Trigger?

The Devil Trigger is a special power that demons and hybrids have allowing them to use their supernatural powers. Nero receives his devil bringer but keeps it hidden by bandages. It starts glowing before he shoots the vicar, Sanctus. After he meets Berial, the demons ask if the arm signifies Nero being a demon, to which Nero says, “Don’t ask.” It could be that he doesn’t know what to believe about himself. When Nero defeats Agnus for the first time, he doesn’t want the mad scientist to look at his arm. When Nero was about to be killed, the demon blade repaired itself and gave Nero the power and ability to use the Devil trigger. After he is healed, Nero accepts his extraordinary powers and aims to use them to protect Kyrie. 

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