Here’s How To Fix ‘Video File Cannot Be Played’ Error Code 232001

Here’s How To Fix ‘Video File Cannot Be Played’ Error Code 232001

The article discusses what the error code 232001 is. It is a common problem that many people face while video streaming. In this article, we also explore the reasons behind this error and some of the best ways to fix it.

Are you also having problems loading or playing a video? Well, you are not alone. Obviously, it gets frustrating after a point. In this fast-paced world, facing such error messages is a setback. It not only creates disruptions but also ruins the whole vibe of your video-streaming experience. In this article, we discuss in detail why this error occurs when streaming video. Its causes and the ways to solve this problem are also discussed.

What Is The 232001 Video Error Code?

There’s nothing serious about this error code. It just indicates that your ‘video file cannot be played.’ Usually, it happens when the browser is unable to connect with the server. There could be numerous reasons for this.

Why Does The Video Error 232001 Occur?

This is a network or playback issue. Two of the main and most common reasons why this error 232001 message is displayed are listed below.

Internet-related Problems

Internet-related Problems

First of all, the error code 232001 can prompt your screen for a lack of stability in your internet connection. When the internet speed is slow or lagging, you face such disruptions in the middle of the video. Thus, we recommend you check the data connection or your wifi router. If the problem persists, try changing your internet connection.

Browser-related Problems

Browser-related Problems

Secondly, you can also try solving your browser-related problems. Start by clearing the cookies and cache via the settings of your browser. Try to update it, and ensure that you have the latest version of your browser. It will likely help you solve the error code 232001.

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How do I fix the error code 232001?

If you have also gotten tired of trying to fix the error and all your efforts have been in vain till now, do not worry. Below, we have listed some of the best ways to solve the ‘video file cannot be played’ error.

1. Clear browser cache and cookies

Clear browser cache and cookies

Let’s start with the basics. Have you tried to clear the cookies and caches from your browser’s settings? Don’t worry, as it will not impose any threat on the data that already exists. Rather, it will clear the unwanted browser history, which could be the potential cause of this error. It could be done by following these steps.

  • Go to the top-right corner of your browser. You will see three dots.
  • Click on these dots.
  • Open the ‘Settings’ option from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on ‘Privacy and Security.’
  • You will see an option to clear browsing data. Click on that.
  • An option for ‘Basic Settings’ will appear.
  • Select the ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and files’ options.
  • Lastly, clear the data completely.

2. Using incognito mode

Using incognito mode

Obviously, you must be aware of the wonders that incognito mode does. It solves almost all the problems when it comes to your browser. Thus, you can also try leveraging this feature to solve the video error 232001. Follow the steps below to enter incognito mode.

  • Click on the three dots in the top-right corner of your browser window.
  • Choose the ‘New Incognito Window’ option from the drop-down menu.
  • Copy the URL that is showing the error and paste it into the search tab.
  • Check whether the problem still exists.

3. Change the settings of the browser

Change the settings of the browser

In order to avoid this error 232001, you can try to reset your browsing settings. Meanwhile, you need to remember all your saved passwords, as resetting will delete them entirely. The instructions for the same are as follows:

  • Click on the top-right corner of your browser.
  • You will find the three dots. Click on that.
  • Open the ‘Settings’ of the browser.
  • Click on ‘Advanced Settings.’
  • Reset the tab.
  • Lastly, reset the settings.

4. Update your browser

Update your browser

Another possible reason for this error could be an outdated browser. Thus, to enjoy a seamless streaming experience, you should update your browser today. The steps to follow to update your browser are listed below.

  • Check the top-right corner of your browser. You will find three dots.
  • Select the help option.
  • Open the ‘About’ section of Google Chrome. 
  • Now, you will be able to see whether your browser is outdated. 
  • Your browser will be updated by clicking on this option.

5. Disabling all browser extensions

Disabling all browser extensions

If your browser also has many extensions, it might be the root cause of your problems. Disabling them might be helpful to prevent the video error 232001. You can do that by following the steps below.

  • Click on the three dots in your browser window.
  • Open the ‘Settings’ tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the ‘Extensions’ option.
  • You can disable the extensions that might be causing you trouble.


In essence, there are many ways to stop the video error 232001. It is not only annoying but also time-consuming to struggle with such kinds of setbacks. But it is good news that many people have found the solution to this problem by following the steps mentioned below. We hope that these instructions will help you prevent the video playback error.

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