Top 7 Hospital Management Software for 2023

Top 7 Hospital Management Software for 2023

Hospital Management Software is a computer or web-based tool which helps manage the functionality of a hospital connecting doctors, other staff, laboratories, pharmacy, and hospital administration on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. These kinds of software simply digitalize the whole processes of an institution, helps in streamlining the search of medical records, and manage patients, doctors, bills, revenue flow, etc which ultimately improve the customer experience, and reduce costs and hassles.

A good Hospital Management software must have these features:

  • Easy tracking and monitoring of patients’ treatment
  • Must be user-friendly 
  • Connect different departments of the institution
  • Must be customizable according to need
  • Accessible on multi-platform
  • Cost-effective and efficient
  • Highly encrypted
  • Manage revenue flow

Based on these features and requirements, we have forged a list of some good Hospital Management Software. Some of these software provide free trials. Consider using them before purchasing. Have a look at the list

List of Top 7 Hospital Management Software


NextGen is one of the best Hospital management software to improve report compliance, Cash flow, revenue management, and many more. This software increases efficiency by making small stuff streamlined. It is user-friendly, cost-effective, and a time saver. 

NextGen offers care coordination, connect integration engine, analytics, a clearinghouse, electronic health record, telehealth, mobile solutions, virtual visit, small practice solutions, patient engagement, and many more.

NextGen offers two packages, one for small clinical use and another for large hospital use. 

NG office for small practices allows 1-10 physicians with the inclusion of features like cloud-based electronic health records, practice management, revenue cycle management, medical billing, and patient portal.

NextGen Enterprise for large practices allows 10+ physicians with the inclusion of features like cloud-based electronic health records, practice management, revenue cycle management, medical billing, clearinghouse, electronic data exchange, advanced analytics, and specialty-specific clinical content.

To further streamline the billing process, many practices integrate specialized behavioral health billing software, which enhances efficiency and accuracy in managing financial transactions specific to mental health services. This integration ensures that practitioners can focus more on patient care rather than administrative tasks.

CareSoft Hospital Information System

Abbreviated as CCPL, CareSoft Hospital Information System is a global healthcare management system. CCPL offers many hospital management features like enhanced patient care, streamlined workflow, optimised resource management, increasing revenue, controlling revenue leakage, integrated process, and analysing efficiency. 

CCPL aids in delivering world-class care by integrating technology. It can collect recommendations from patients. It also ensures real-time collaboration between different health departments and physicians to increase efficiency. This software helps you increase revenue by providing real-time analytics and reports through automatic emails. You can monitor all income and expenses of your hospital to analyse and control all sorts of money wastage.

CCPL helps you in creating patient cards and managing loyalty programs to increase patient gait with patient-centric hospital information systems, resulting in brand image enhancement.

Amrita Health Information System

Amrita Health Information System is a cloud-based software that offers solutions like hospital management software, lab management software, patient management system, clinical management system, and electronic medical records.

AHIS manages comprehensive electronic medical records, which show the medical history of patients on a single page. Patient management made it easy from registration, and bed tracking to discharge. Easy registration, admission, treatment, discharge, and transfer procedure helps both, the patient and medical staff. Lab results can be attached electronically with a patient profile, which can be accessed by any physician. An efficient emergency department management is the critical system for any hospital, which can be managed by AHIS. 

Top 7 Hospital Management Software for 2023


HospiLogix is a hospital management information software that provides electronic medical records solutions. It is available for all platforms and can be accessed on smartphones also. High configuration aids in improving scalability and performance. 

The features offered are pharmacy sales software, patient admission management software, material management software, housekeeping, radiology management, biomedical management, patient registration, medical records, and equipment maintenance. 

HospiLogix allows authorised staff like managers, nurses, physicians, nurses, and support staff to share information across all departments. Securely managed patient data can be accessed remotely. 

Hospilogix also automates the process of the front desk, billing, admission, housekeeping, maintenance, and other several tasks which increase efficiency and minimise errors.

Other than all these features, HospiLogix helps in blood bank management, and ambulance services and can be accessed on a web portal, a mobile app with barcode integration, email and SMS integration, and multi-location sample collection integration.

Cloud18 Hospital Management System

C18HMS serves the complete management information system and takes care of all the needs of a medium-sized hospital. 

Other than hospital management systems, Cloud18 also offers services in digital marketing, software development, mobile app development, web design, content writing, logo designing, content management systems, and web development.


ADM SoftTech offers one of the premium hospital management systems for pathology, diagnostic centres, OPDs, IPDs, blood banks, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, financial accounting, and HR. The features of the hospital management system include information on staff, patients, treatment flow, and medications. 

The software is cloud-based and can be accessed with a web portal on any device including smartphones. Although mobile apps are not available. The software can be customised as per need. Other features that are provided by ADM HMS are pharmacy inventory management, drugs, and optical information, lab management, and hospital support integration. 


SoftClinic is a one-stop software solution for small to medium-sized hospitals. The software offers functionality around lab management, Pharma management, inventory management, and revenue management. SoftClinic is a cloud-based software that can be used on any platform via a web browser. A mobile app is not available. Other features offered by SoftClinic are Physician scheduling, a patient portal, and patient management. 


Which is the best hospital management software?

Smartsheet, MEDHOST, Aarogya, HospiLogix, Amrita Health Information System, CareSoft Hospital Information System, and NextGen are some best hospital management systems.

Which software is used in hospitals?

Hospitals prefer all-in-one software that can handle appointments, lab reports, pharma and drug reports, and electronic health records.

What are the 5 different types of software used in the healthcare industry?

There are many different types of software used in the healthcare industry. Five of them are Electronic Health Records (EHR), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Healthcare CRM Software, Medical diagnosis software, and telemedicine software.

What are HMIS tools?

HMIS helps in routine laboratory testing, equipment, and logistic management, biosafety, microbiology surveillance, periodic reporting, and many more functionalities.

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