Second Public Beta Versions Of iOS 16.3 And iPadOS 16.3 Now Rolling Out

Second Public Beta Versions Of iOS 16.3 And iPadOS 16.3 Now Rolling Out

The second public beta version of iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3 started rolling out a day after Apple provided the beta version to developers and almost a month after the first public beta was released. Public beta testers who have enrolled for Apple’s beta testing programs can download and install the iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3 betas. Users will be able to download betas over the air, but first, they will need to install an appropriate certificate by Apple’s public beta website.

The update has started rolling out, beta testers can install it by heading to the Settings app, tapping General, then choosing Software update. Along with iPadOS 16.3 and iOS 16.3, Apple has also released beta versions for other platforms:

  • WatchOS 9.3 beta 2
  • tvOS 16.3 beta 2
  • macOS 13.2 beta 2

What’s new with iOS 16.3 beta 2?

iOS 16.3’s rudimentary beta was released roughly a month ago. In the newer beta, not many features and improvements have been included. One of the new and important features included with the beta 2 is the ability to safeguard Apple ID using a physical security key. This means you can use a tangible hardware device as a secondary layer of two-factor authentication for your account.

Apple also demonstrated how much easier it is to move songs from the iPhone to the HomePod or the other way around. The beta has not yet been updated with any significant improvements and features. Despite the fact that iOS 16.3 beta version 2 does not address bugs or instability concerns that some customers are reporting with iOS version 16.2.