At Tecuy, we understand that advertising is essential for our business and it enables us to provide free access to our content and rankings. Consequently, we strive to ensure that ads are implemented in a way that won’t disturb your user experience. This allows trusted businesses the opportunity of reaching out to you all as an audience.

At Tecuy, we take editorial integrity with utmost importance and maintain a firm boundary between advertising and our editorial content. Not once are our rankings or products ever influenced by advertisers in any way whatsoever.

When our users click a link or get more information about a product, we may earn an affiliate commission. This does not interfere with the editorial independence of our site in any way. In fact, these tools are included for convenience and their presence is determined by teams away from those responsible for creating content.

  • To clearly distinguish advertising from editorial content, Tecuy uses specific borders or other elements as well as labels it with phrases such as “ad,” “advertisement,” and/or “sponsored.” For the utmost clarity, an advertiser logo is also added.
  • Tecuy prohibits the following types of advertising:
    • Tobacco products
    • Illegal or recreational drugs
    • Adult products or services
    • Adult content
  • At Tecuy, we take data privacy seriously. That’s why we never sell customer information to third-party advertisers and are committed to upholding our Privacy Policy.

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