Editorial Policy

Our Mission

At Tecuy, we strive to empower citizens and business professionals with factual reporting, rankings, and advice that is truthful and reliable. We’ve earned the trust of many over time by dedicating ourselves to helping our readers make informed decisions about important matters.

Tecuy provides its readers with ample information to help them make informed decisions on an array of topics, such as Business, Fintech, Cybersecurity, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. Our editorial guidelines are applicable for all our journalistic endeavors — except when we specifically focus on one particular topic. With Tecuy’s resources at your disposal, you can stay abreast of the latest trends in Machine Learning & Blockchain technology while also keeping up-to-date with Funding News & Growth Hacking strategies alongside Software startups and Games & Gadgets news.

We strive to equip and motivate our readers while they are making decisions. Nonetheless, it is vital to note that the information presented here should never be regarded as an alternative to professional advice. Therefore, before committing to any course of action or decision-making process, we urge all users and readers to seek counsel from a qualified expert in the field.


Since its inception, Tecuy has committed itself to upholding the core values of ethical journalism. Following the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics is a priority for all our content and practices — guaranteeing accurate information while encouraging open dialogue that is impartial and comprehensive. As we operate in the public’s best interest, journalistic integrity will always remain at the heart of what we do.


Transparency is fundamental for ethical and impartial journalism. We source directly from original research papers and reliable, independent organizations that analyze data, as well as authenticate each author at the beginning of their article with an in-depth biography displaying their experience, skillset, and affiliations. 

Conflicts of Interest (Perceived and Real)

Our foremost allegiance is to the public, and that is what must be secured in order for us to gain their trust. As such, any personal or professional interests which have a chance of appearing as if they contradict our main purpose can weaken our credibility significantly. Hence, we take no part in ranking institutions or products based on monetarily advantageous relationships with advertisers; instead, we focus on topics that are newsworthy and engaging because those are the ones that will truly interest our readership base. Our reporters, editors, freelancers, and producers all adhere strictly to this policy when determining coverage material.

Verification and Fact Checking

As part of the Tecuy editing process, stories authored by our staff and freelancers go through meticulous scrutiny from multiple editors. Our reporters must do their due diligence to ensure that their pieces are factual and provide supporting evidence for any sources consulted in order to guarantee accuracy. Editors review each article before being published, fact-checking thoroughly while flagging any questions or inconsistencies they may find during this stage.

Article Updates

Here at Tecuy, we recognize the need to keep our content fresh and up-to-date. That’s why when new information is added to an existing story, we are sure to note that it has been updated as well as provide its date of updation. In certain cases where a piece requires updating or revising beyond what is possible on our website, it may be removed from search engines or redirected to another article with more recent data.

Editorial Standards

It is essential that all staff, freelancers, and bloggers abide by the same ethical and editorial guidelines. Writers of Tecuy are required to follow true news and seek sources for original information. All content must be fact-checked and any sources of information must be cited. Tecuy does not accept plagiarism, hate speech, or other inappropriate material. Any suggestion for improvement should be communicated to the editors in an accurate and timely manner. 

Writing Standards

It is important that all written documents follow a consistent format. This includes using proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, and more. Tecuy staff must be mindful of customer privacy when creating content related to sensitive topics. Any information gathered must be kept secure and only used for the purpose of delivering relevant and accurate content. Following these guidelines will ensure all Tecuy content is consistent in quality while adhering to ethical and professional standards.