FunwithFeet Review: A Unique Platform for Foot Pic Enthusiasts

FunwithFeet expands the foot pic marketplace with its vibrant platform, easy-to-use interface, transparent buying and selling gateways, and an engaging environment.

FunwithFeet Review: A Unique Platform for Foot Pic Enthusiasts

The domain of foot pic trading has emerged as an unexpected yet lucrative niche. Platforms like FeetFinder and Feet Lovers Only have been around for a while. It is a small-scale industry that has benefitted both content creators and foot pic enthusiasts. Now, FunwithFeet is a rather new entrant in the market. In this post, we’ll see what this platform has to offer to buyers and sellers of foot pictures. 

Foot pic commerce: more than just a financial transaction

Selling foot pictures and videos is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment for many individuals. The potential monetary gains are often matched by a boost of confidence that sellers experience. 

There are many options for selling foot pictures. There are the mainstream platforms like OnlyFans and Instagram and then, there are niche websites like FeetFinder and Feet Lovers Only. 

FunwithFeet: Unveiling a Playful and Profitable Marketplace

FunwithFeet expands the foot pic marketplace with its vibrant platform, easy-to-use interface, transparent buying and selling gateways, and an engaging environment. And FunwithFeet fosters a synergy between buyers and sellers as it is built on the principle of connecting the best content creators with the most enthusiastic buyers. 

FunwithFeet core values

FunwithFeet is committed to connecting legitimate buyers with talented content creators who share an artistic palette. It is for everyone, from business owners looking for foot content for their websites to foot fetishists trying to fulfill a specific fantasy. The simple and interactive UX design makes sure that users find it easy to find their feet in the site.

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FunwithFeet for sellers

The sellers are extremely important for FunwithFeet as they are the ones to bring content to the platform. Let’s walk through the selling process step-by-step.

First, you need to visit and click on Sell now.

It will take you to a registration page that will ask for your display name, gender, country, and ethnicity. The display name can be anything you choose it to be and ideally not your legal name.

Once you put in those details, you’ll need to upload a profile picture. Here’s your chance to show-off one of your favorite foot-pics.

After that, you’ll need to write a short bio. Think of it as your sales pitch. Make it creative, fun, interesting, and go for it if you want to attract people with certain kinds of fetishes.

FunwithFeet subscription fee

You need a subscription to start selling foot-pics on FunwithFeet successfully. The 3 month subscription is worth $9.99 and the six month subscription costs you $14.99. This is the only amount you ever pay to the platform. Going forward, you keep 100% of what you make by selling your feet-pictures.

Once you have chosen the subscription plan, you will be taken to a payment gateway where you can make the payment through an array of debit and credit cards.

The selling dashboard

The user interface really drives the site home. Once you complete the registration process, you’ll be taken to the dashboard. You can use the Create Collections button on the top-right corner to start adding pictures and videos of your feet.

The sidebar on the left allows you to access your profile details, earnings, and inbox. You can speak to your potential clients directly from the platform chat facility and/or you can communicate with them with your personal email.

The earnings tab shows you the amount of money in your FunwithFeet wallet. It also shows you the option to withdraw the money.

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FunwithFeet for buyers

The buyers on FunwithFeet go through a similar registration process. But as a buyer, you can browse and check out what’s in store for free, there is no charge for accessing the platform. You can use the  “Browse and Buy Sexy Feet Pics & Videos” button to look at popular sellers, some publicly available content, and filter them by gender, ethnicity, or other keywords. 

Once you see something you like and want to make yours, you can click on the “Unlock Collection” button. It will take you to the sign up page where you can sign in with an email ID and password after confirming that you are over 18.

You will be able to buy collections after you have provided your credit card information. You can also speak directly with sellers through the platform-chat.

Is FunwithFeet Legit?

Yes, FunwithFeet is a legitimate sites with real buyers and sellers. You can make money on FunwithFeet by selling your foot-pics. Can you make a living out of this platform? The answer is no. Earnings from the platform range from $60 to $180 per month if you are lucky. So, do not quit your job to sell feet-pic on FunwithFeet or any platform for that matter. 

If you are an enthusiast and like to share your artistics expressions through feet-pics, FunwithFeet is a great release point. You can also make some money.

The site has glitches. It becomes slow if you try to upload hi-res images. The inbox feature is often faulty as sellers and buyers often complain that it’s unusable. And sellers find it hard to get exposure, it seems.

Overall, your experience depends on how active you are and how much quality content you can bring to the table and you also need a bit of luck. 

Ombir Sharma is Outreach Specialist at Tecuy Media. He is also an SEO and writer having an experience of more than 3 years in these respective fields. He likes to spend his time researching on various subjects.