What is Squirdle: The Pokémon-Powered Wordle-Like

What is Squirdle: The Pokémon-Powered Wordle-Like

Squirdle is a quirky new addition to the vast expanse of word-guessing games. Squirdle derives from the concept of Wordle and introduces a captivating twist designed specifically for dedicated Pokémon fans. In this article we’ll explore all there is to explore about this Pokémon-themed Wordle-like. Whether you are a Pokémon aficionado or someone trying to dip their toes into the enchanting pool of Pokémons, this is for you. 

Pokémon Meets Wordle

The number of five-letter words in Wordle nearly matches the number of Pokémon species – 898 and counting. This inspired Fireblend to create an ingenious fusion of the world of Pokémon with Wordle. The result is Squirdle. In the next section, we’ll learn what Squirdle entails and as we move forward in the article, you’ll learn how to get started and with time, excel in this Pokémon-themed battle of wits.

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A Pokémon Adventure in Words

Imagine a game where Pokémon names replace traditional dictionary words. That is Squirdle. The challenge is to decipher the correct Pokémon name with a limited number of clues. And let us be clear, this game is not to be taken lightly. While it is based on the whimsy of the Pokémon universe, the game demands an in-depth understanding of Pokémon characteristics. Your knowledge of the heights, weights, generations and types of Pokémons will be tested. Once you get the hang of it, the game is uniquely rewarding. 

How to Start Squirdle?

Squirdle does not have an application yet. You can access the game by visiting the official website: https://squirdle.fireblend.com. You can easily create an app icon on your desktop or on the widget pages of your Android and iOS devices to get your hands on the game quickly.  

The Squirdle Gameplay

There are three game modes in Squirdle.

  1. Regular: This is a plain guessing game that you can play any number of times.
  2. Gen 1: This is the regular version but with Pokémons from only Generation 1.
  3. Daily challenge: All players across the world get one Pokémon to guess every day.

Once you visit the official website you can immediately jump into the regular guessing game. The UI will tell you that it is thinking of a Pokémon and you have to guess its name. 

You have only 8 guesses to reach the right Pokémon. Don’t worry you do not have to spell out the names of the Pokémons. As you start typing, the UI will start suggesting the names. You have to select a name and submit it as your guess.

After you have guessed, the UI will give you feedback. Unlike Wordle, which shows feedback by referring to the position of correct or incorrect letters, Squirdle shows color-coded tiles based on the Generation, type 1, type 2, height, and weight of the desired Pokémon vs your guess.

If you get a red tile, that means your guess is wrong. If you get a blue tile with a white arrow, your guess needs to be higher or lower based on the direction of the arrow. A yellow tile means you have got one of the types right. A green tile means you got the feature right.

You get a total of 8 guesses. With each guess you have to narrow down your pool of Pokémon names by observing the feedback.

It is a bit challenging but imagine the reward, the dose of dopamine once you reach the desired Pokémon, well, if you do.

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Help is available

Unless you are extremely well-versed with the Pokémon-features and absolutely immersed in the Pokémon universe, you will be hard-pressed to make correct guesses based on the features. I mean, do you really know every Pokémon by its Generation, type, or physical attribute? Maybe you know that Bulbasaur is a grass type Pokémon and is smaller than Venusaur, but do you know all the grass type Pokémon that are bigger than Bulbasaur? I guess not. 

So, it’s better to enlist the help of sites like Pokédex that allow you to search Pokémons based on types and features. With some help, this extremely frustrating guessing game can turn into a fun-filled research adventure. As you keep playing, you’ll keep getting better. And maybe, at one point, you will be able to go solo and beat the game.  

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