Twinkl: A Comprehensive Review of the Educational Resource Platform

Many people must be aware of what is Twinkl. Twinkl is a digital publishing platform for educational materials.

Twinkl: A Comprehensive Review of the Educational Resource Platform

Jonathan and Susie Seaton started this firm in 2010 with the stated goal of assisting educators. As an increasingly global business, Twinkl employs a group of Country Managers responsible for tailoring the company’s offerings to certain countries or regions. 

The Twinkl USA in-house team, led by Country Manager Jude, creates learning materials for various required topics and grade levels (PreK–8). With a team of American instructors and educators, it guarantees your children the best possible education via helpful materials. In addition to its general educational resources, Twinkl Ltd USA provides several specialized services for teachers and parents with special needs, ESL students, and home-schooled children.

Is Twinkl Safe to Use?

Yes, it is safe to use. But is Twinkl legit? Well, anyone, regardless of age, can use Twinkl without worry. In addition to kid-friendly content like games and activities, the site is built for ease of use so that you can quickly discover what you’re looking for. You can shop confidently as it offers safe and secure transactions with PayPal. 

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Is Twinkl Free?

No, but you can still access certain learning materials, but not all. Some Twinkl tools are available solely to customers, while others may be used without paying. If you’re just starting with classroom materials, the free Twinkl resources are a great place to look.

Due to the platform’s flexible membership plans, it’s within reach of most teachers’ budgets. Purchasing a site license is a common practice for many educational institutions. The Universal Thinking Framework is another fantastic open-source tool that works well with Twinkl materials. 

This free PDF may help instructors direct students’ thinking in useful directions. A high-resolution version is available for download and may be a useful planning resource for team get-togethers.

How Much Does a Twinkl Subscription Cost?

Twinkl yearly subscription cost is around $12.27/month. There are no additional or concealed fees. Subscription fees may be paid monthly, or users can save money by signing up for a whole year at once. You can get three distinct subscription options available at Twinkl Sheffield. With any online course, the users will have teacher support. Students won’t have access to the material, and instructors will only be able to monitor their development with it.

Live chat and email are the two ways to contact an instructor for help. Live chat is fantastic because it facilitates two-way communication between educators and their students. But it’s a lot of work to put up and keep running. Longer chats are best suited for email. Twinkl reviews state that it is an option to think about if you need a speedy and better answer to understand the concept. Twinkl offers its educator users access to free, real-time chat assistance. You may subscribe to one of the company’s premium programs if you want further functionality. 

How to Cancel a Twinkl Subscription?

Here are the procedures for individuals who wish to know how to cancel a Twinkl subscription on a desktop or laptop computer.

1. Open Twinkl’s homepage on your computer’s web browser.

2. To cancel your membership, please log in to the account you want to cancel. 

3. Your username appears in the upper right corner of the screen; choose it to open the navigation bar.

4. Choose the Payments submenu. 

5. Navigate to “Your Suggested Plans” in the list of available alternatives.

6. Select the Manage Membership link that appears under the membership plan recommendations.

7. Choose the “Twinkl Free” option that appears here.

8. Finally, choose the “Cancel Membership” option from the drop-down menu. 

9. Respond as requested and confirm your choice to cancel.

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How to Delete a Twinkl Account?

Instructions on how to delete Twinkl account are provided below.

Enter your login details for your Twinkl account. 

1. The “My Account” option will appear on the left side of the screen when you log in. 

2. Then, from that menu, you must choose “Account Help.” 

3. Select the “Closing Your Account” option from the list that appears.

4. When you can permanently delete your account, choose the “No thanks, Proceed with Deletion” option. 

5. Then, you can simply scroll down the page and choose an option that best describes why you wish to cancel your Twinkl subscription.

6. After entering your password again, click the Submit button to finalize your action. After that, a confirmation message will appear on the same page to let you know that your account has been deleted.


The Twinkl education process will simplify the online learning process. It offers a great platform where educators and learners can connect in real-time. Additionally, students can easily access online study materials while getting help from experienced teachers. It offers a wide range of classroom-ready activities and learning resources organized by topic and grade level. Twinkl USA provides various educational resources, including online games, downloadable worksheets, PowerPoints, and craft instructions.