Best PimEyes Alternatives: Top 9 People Search Engines in 2024

Best PimEyes Alternatives: Top 9 People Search Engines in 2024
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PimEyes, the facial recognition search website, allows users to identify all images of a person given a sample image online. Owned by EMEARobotics, a corporation based in Dubai, this tool is best known for its best-recognition search engine. However, along with its qualities, Primeyes has several drawbacks such as the limited database of indexed images, relying heavily on high-quality images, and its privacy policies have raised concerns among users. Hence, for a better experience, in this article, we have crafted a list of PimEyes alternatives.

What is PimEyes?

PimEyes, commonly pronounced the same, is an online face search engine that surfs across the Internet to find pictures containing given faces. According to the platform blog, PimEyes uses face recognition search technologies to perform a reverse image search.

All you need to do is find a face and PimEyes will bring you a lot of searches related to its facial features. Not only this but PimEyes has enhanced privacy and doesn’t alert the third party user about the same.

Is PimEyes Safe and Legal?

According to guidelines submitted by PimEyes, this platform is designed to ensure privacy. However, if the app reports any illegal activity done by a user they are obliged to reveal the details. 

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Top 9 Best PimEyes Alternatives

In this list, we have mentioned 9 alternatives that can be considered as Best Websites like PimEyes:

1. Social Catfish

Social Catfish Free & Secure Image Search Tools in 2024

It is an online investigation service based in Murrieta, California. Along with a motive to help users avoid internet fraud, Social Catfish can also be used for connecting with lost friends.

Besides, its security policy ensures that the individual being searched won’t receive any kind of alerts. With its best features and a long comparable list, Social Catfish counts as one of the best alternatives to PimeEyes.

2. Spokeo

Spokeo People Search Engines in 2024

A type of people who search websites, Spokeo aggregates data from online and offline sources. With 6 billion consumer records, 600 million court records, 120+ social networks, and more, Spokeo brings the best consumer experience and hence, rates as the best alternative to PimeEyes. Not only this, but Spokeo brings out features like updates, criminal records, personal details, social media accounts, and Location History.

3. Google Images

Google Images best PimEyes Alternatives

Google Images, the most-coveted search engine, was launched on July 12, 2001. Available in more than 100 languages, it will allow users to search for results through the World Wide Web.

Along with it, showing zero explicit images is one of the most beneficial features of PimEyes. Meanwhile, the best features of PimEyes are reverse image search, Real-Time Search, and Add Images to Google, and are easy to search. Hence, with these features, Google Images is ranked as one of the best alternatives to Google Images.

4. Tin Eyes

Tin Eyes People Search Engines in 2024

Another considerable alternative to PimEyes is TinEyes which is known for performing easy reverse image searches. By uploading images by drag-and-drop functionality, copy-paste, or URL, Tin Eyes uses almost 64 billion images for its functionality. 

Additionally, the platform’s Multicolor Engine allows users to search for images based on specific colours, making it perfect for creative projects that require a particular colour palette. Finally, the platform’s alerts system is widely considered to be one of the best alternatives to PimEyes, providing users with notifications about any new matches or updates related to their search queries.

5. Cam Find

Cam Find Free & Secure Image Search Tools in 2024

Similar to Google Lens, CamFind assists users with identifying objects. All you need to do is click a picture using Cam Find and you are done. Cam Find will work on it to give you the best results for your search. Among many, Cam Find prime features include visual reminders, following friends, and saving favourites. Hence, with such features, it counts itself among the best alternatives to PimEyes.

6. Pixsy

Pixsy People Search Engines in 2024

Commonly known as one of the most powerful tools, Pixsy can monitor 150,000,000 images every day. Along with it, Pixsy possesses features like Legal Expertise, Filter and Search, Alerts, and Issue Takedowns. Hence, with these features, Pixsy is counted as one of the best and most free alternatives to Pixie.

7. Berify

Berify PimEyes Alternatives – Free & Secure Image Search Tools in 2024

This tool is used to find stolen images and videos. All you need to do is upload a respective photo or video, and the platform will do the rest of the work. Meanwhile, to initiate the process, try setting up an account. Hence, with its verified details, it counts as the best alternative to PimEyes.

8. Bing Visual Search

Bing Visual Search Best PimEyes Alternative

Counted among the top search engines, Bing Visual Search serves the same features as Google Images Search. To use it, you can either click an image, paste a URL and browse or type to search for an image. Meanwhile, along with several features, the platform can serve as an alternative to PimeEyes.

9. SauceNAO

SauceNAO Free & Secure Image Search Tools in 2024

Another reverse search engine, SauceNAO is best known for its privacy. According to users, SauceNAO ensures data safety and doesn’t share any piece of information with a third-party user. One of its benefits is that it can find artists of almost any art that you seek with the reverse search engine.

Along with its best search results and ensuring safety, it can be easily counted among the list of top alternatives to SauceNAO.


The facial recognition search website, PimEyes, has served as one of the best platforms since 2017. However, with ongoing years of development, it lost its popularity as several similar platforms were introduced into the market. Not only development but the app’s several drawbacks influenced people to go for various PimEyes alternatives that were introduced with better features in the market.

So, to ease your search for alternatives to PimEyes, in this article, we have mentioned the most famous search engine platforms that will surely help you in your research. 

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