How To Make Your Website Stand Out From Your Competitors

How To Make Your Website Stand Out From Your Competitors

Have you visited a website and wondered how you can replicate that? Making your website stand out from your competitors is quite tough but with some simple tips, you can achieve the best of it. This article will help to make your generic and interesting website more attractive.

1. Create Unique Content

Design and write content that takes a unique stance around your topic. Being unique doesn’t just mean being non-plagiarizing. Your content should be such that it is not available anywhere. It doesn’t always have to be controversial. Create useful and informative content for your audience. Support your unique opinion or point of view with solid evidence to improve viewership and engagement.

2. Keep Your Content Fresh

The best way of increasing viewership is to keep the content on the website current. The fresh content reflects your creative capabilities and problem-solving skills. Make your website a first and last stop for the audience to find great content. No matter what, your audience must find some piece of information they are searching for. You may need to update your website on a daily basis depending on your content. Fresh and updated content will help you surpass your competitors. 

3. Photos And Videos – No Stock Photos

Try to avoid stock photos as much as possible. Capture or create photos on your own. This will add a real essence to your website. Your website should be full of real images of products and employees. 

Also, use images that fit the layout of your website. A photo can improve or spoil the whole look of the website. Insert stunning photos and videos on your website that grab the attention of the viewers and force them to stay as long as possible. 

Let your employees bring their pets in the photos. Use different angled photos than the regular and boring ones. Using stock photos is okay where needed but maintains the authenticity of the company.

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4. Create Authentic Bios

Anyone who wants to work with you will definitely like to know you. Get creative with your employees’ boi. Write about them in the form of a story. Mention their capabilities with their favorite playlist or favorite movies. Choose creative images instead of old-school boring mugshots. 

5. Insert A Relevant Intro Video

An intro video will immediately differentiate your website from others. Post a one-minute stop-motion video explaining your services. It enhances the look of the website adding personality to your brand. 

6. Provide Insights

You can write blog posts to give more insights to your prospective clients. The clients will find it helpful and would love to work with you more. 

Provide Insights

7. Display Metrics And Examples

Provide specific and direct examples of your work with the results to the potential customers. The clearer you are about your work and results the quicker the potential customer will join you. 

8. Menus And Navigation Titles

A unique title for the company on the navigation page helps the customer understand the value you are offering. Let’s understand with an example. An EdTech website can mention the page title ‘learn’ instead of ‘classes’. ‘Learn’ will showcase value.

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9. Make It About Clients

You should develop your website for the clients. You are not going to read it, they’re gonna. Mention the values of your services they will resonate with. Don’t forget to mention success stories, case studies, and examples of how to solve the problems. Your website should showcase value, not you.

10. Choose The Perfect Template

You don’t need a professional agency to develop a perfect website. There are many pre-made templates available for free to use on the Internet. Choose the one that best suits your content. Keep the architecture simple for both viewers and search engines.

11. Color Palette

Being done with choosing the best template for the website. Match the color palette with the color of your brand. Remember colors are way more crucial in building brand image than we think. Take some time to think about the vibe of your work and brand, then choose the contemporary color. Blacks, whites, gloss, matte, vibrant, cool accented colors all are going to add a story to your website.

12. Font

Fonts can enhance or spoil the entire look of your website. A well-designed website with great content will have no use if the font is unreadable. Choose a font complementing the aesthetic of your brand whether it is bold, colorful, or sleek. 

Take a look at other websites in your field and see if their fonts are fitting in your canvas. Typography is just not a readable font, it’s your personality.

13. User Experience

Last but most important, your website should offer a great user experience to the people visiting you. Difficult-to-understand and hard-to-navigate websites can frustrate users. They will bounce back and probably never come back. 

These are the best practices to make your website stand out from your competitors. Hope this will help.