5 Safari Browser Alternatives for iOS and iPadOS

Safari is a browser developed by Apple and it had always been the default browser on iOS and iPadOS. In fact, there was no option to change the default browser on the Apple smartphone and tablets up till iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Now that you can change the default browser, here are your top options.

5 Safari Browser Alternatives for iOS and iPadOS

Safari is a very good browser that worksquite seamlessly on iOS, iPadOS and MacOS. However, based on your personal preferences, security requirements, and in different situations, you might want to  use alternative browsers. It is always great to have a choice. Now, with iOS 14, you can actually change the default browser. This article will discuss the pros and cons of 5 browsers that you can move to from Safari. 

Google Chrome

5 Safari Browser Alternatives for iOS and iPadOS

Being the most widely used browser and search engine globally, Chrome is an obvious choice. Other than being a secure browser, it also has a solid multi device sync feature. Let’s look at some of the key features of Chrome.

  • The Google voice search is built into the browser which allows you to search anything without having to type. The speech to text engine that powers the feature is pretty accurate too.  
  • The Google translate feature is embedded in the browser too. It has gotten better over time and it is your go-to option in a multilingual situation.
  • The multidevice sync for bookmarks, browsing history, and saved passwords works quite seamlessly on Chrome.
  • You can use the data saver mode without losing browsing performance as Chrome compresses the sites to load them faster.
  • Chrome has an incognito browsing option where your browsing data is not saved and nothing is cached.

There is one issue with Chrome. It consumes a large chunk of your RAM and processing power to function. 

Microsoft Edge

5 Safari Browser Alternatives for iOS and iPadOS

Microsoft Edge, like Chrome is based on the Chromium framework. As a browser it is almost identical to Chrome with slight differences in security features. The performance of this browser is quite comparable to Safari and Chrome. Her

  • It can prevent third-party trackers from tracking your browsing patterns.
  • Edge has an in built ad-blocker to stop intrusive ads.
  • This browser has an private browsing mode called InPrivate mode.
  • Immersive reader mode allows you to read blogs without distractions.
  • It manages all passwords associated with your account.

Microsoft Edge has fewer extensions than its competitors and a small number of websites do not work on Edge.

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Mozilla Firefox

5 Safari Browser Alternatives for iOS and iPadOS

Firefox is one of the older browsers from the pre-chrome era and it has retained a niche following. This browser is specifically known for its focus on user privacy. It has a simple interface for iOS and iPadOS and allows easy and effective browsing. Here are some key features.

  • Firefox’s private browsing mode prevents any of your activities from being recorded. On top of that, it also deletes all activities once you close the browser.
  • It prevents trackers, and crypto miners.
  • Firefox has a decent multidevice sync feature that syncs the browsing history and passwords across devices once you login to the same account.

One major drawback with Mozilla Firefox is its bookmark management. The browser confuses the same bookmarks from mobile and PC as separate and ends up cluttering the bookmark folder.

Opera Touch

5 Safari Browser Alternatives for iOS and iPadOS

Opera Touch is the browser by Opera for iOS and iPadOS. It has been modified for seamless usage and proactive performance on the Apple smartphones and tablets. Here are some cool features.

  • You can link the browser’s mobile and PC versions with the Flow feature and exchange data in between them.
  • You can connect multiple devices linked to an account using a builtin QR code.
  • You get an inbuilt cryptowallet to manage crypto currencies like Ethereum.
  • A combination of ad-blockers and pop-up blockers create a browsing experience free of distractions.

Opera Touch has some noticeable issues with online sync and it lacks a reliable bookmark management feature. 


5 Safari Browser Alternatives for iOS and iPadOS

It is a browser designed with maximum focus on the users’ privacy and it has been doing pretty well having recently clocked 100 million searches in a single day. The combination of customizability and privacy makes it a go-to tool for users overly concerned with privacy. Here are some key features.

  • Third-party trackers are blocked by default.
  • It has an Enforce Encryption feature that ensures you always open sites with the HTTPS protocol even if the HTTP version is available.
  • It gives sites a security score ranging from A to F. 
  • You can lock the browser with a password or faceID

The customizations can seem a bit too much to some users. People who are used to a simpler and minimalistic browsing experience might DuckDuckGo to be an eyesore sometimes.

All of the browsers listed above are capable of providing you a seamless browsing experience, however, not every one will suite your personal taste and preferences. Tell us which browser you prefer and why.

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