SnoopReport Reviews: A Social Media Tool For Your Analytical Needs

SnoopReport Review: Best Instagram Spy App for All Devices
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Since social media has become an integral part of our lives, we always try to keep a check on what our Internet peers are doing. One such platform is Instagram; however, not all Instagram content is accessible to everyone. With the privacy settings of Instagram, very little information is accessible about your followers. However, Snoop, a dedicated application that monitors everything netizens do on Instagram, has changed Instagram’s typical privacy. In this article, we will entirely review Snoopreport and all its features to enjoy a best-stalking experience.

What is SnooPreport?

Pronounced by the same name, Snoopreport is a monitoring website dedicated to the social media application Instagram. This application, specially designed for Meta-Owned Instagram, allows you to discover what your favourite celebrities, friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends like on Instagram with their Instagram activity tracker. All you need to do is add the account you want to watch, and Snoopreport will provide you with a fully-fledged report of the account’s activity.

Additionally, if you are a social media manager in your organisation, you can use this application to target social media influencers and contact them for brand promotion.

Is Snoopreport legit?

According to Snoopreport review, it is safe to use. Additionally, this application never asks you to submit your Instagram handle’s credentials and also assures to keep all your information confidential. Hence, Snoopreports is one of the best go-to monitoring platforms.

SnoopReport Review: Best Instagram Spy App for All Devices

How Does Snoop Report Work?

A user-friendly and useful tool, Snoopreport’s initial step is to set up an account on the platform. 

1. Signing Up

Soon after accessing the platform, click on the big green button to sign up with Snoopreport. After entering your email address and password, you will successfully set up your account in Snoopreport.

2. Add an Instagram Handle

After successfully logging in to your account, Snoopreport will ask you to add an Instagram account. Not only this, but you can add multiple accounts to the platform.

Subsequently, you have to enter the Instagram account you want to snoop on. As soon as you enter your Instagram account, you might need to set the pricing of the account.

And, as you click, you will see several things that you might want to talk about in the profile. For instance, we entered the famous verified account “9gag” to monitor. However, the drawback of Snoopreport is that it cannot give any information about private accounts on Instagram.

3. Snoopreport Reports

As soon as you set the Instagram handle you want to snoop on, you have to click on the time frame you want to receive the reports of snooping. Meanwhile, the report will include all the activities, like the specific handles followed and everything in the time frame. Here’s an example of what Snoopreport looks like:

Not just follow, but this application is designed to cover every detailed activity on Instagram.

Meanwhile, the bonus things Snoopreport provides,

  • Track the User’s Following Activity
  • Track where and what are commenting on.
  • Download the Report in PDF or CSV

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How Does Snoop Report Work?

The main objective of Snoopreport is to collect publicly available data while tracking down a particular account to track its behaviour, likes, comments, and follows.

Since we have already listed Snoopreport uses, here are the pricing details of the application:


Since Snoopreport works on time variations, the prices are kept according to them. Meanwhile, the app boasts three types of plans:

  • Personal: With this plan, worth $4.99, you can track two accounts.
  • Small Business: The secondary plan by Snoopreport is priced at $14.99, and you can track 10 accounts
  • Professional: Last but not least, a professional subscription costs you $44.99, and you can track 100 accounts with it

Along with the above-mentioned, Snoopreport has a unique way of pricing where you can add bought time to a single account and split it into two accounts.

Advantages of using Snoopreport 

  • If you are a brand or blogger, with Snoopreport, you can get an insight into the audience’s needs, preferences, and habits.
  • If you use Instagram for business, you can track their competitor’s growth strategy
  • Get an insight into your favourite influencer’s likes and interests
  • Individuals who are into stalking can use Snoopreport to know their interests better, what their family and friends do, and who their favourite celebrities like on Instagram
  • 100 percent accurate data
  • Multiple unlimited account stalking
  • Access to any public account without any discretion
  • Considered safe, Snoopreport never asks for your personal Instagram credentials
  • Offline Monitoring

Disadvantages of SnoopReport

  • According to SnoopReport review, the only drawback of the application is that it does not allow for insight into a private account on Instagram.

Final Words

In conclusion, Snoopreport is a great application if you want to sneak-peak on someone’s Instagram. Additionally, it has been reviewed as beneficial by media-based firms for business. Hence, with its best-delivered reports and easy-to-use interface, Snoopreport is one of the best monitoring platforms 

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