Steam Deck Handheld Review: Competitors, and Alternatives in 2024

Steam Deck Review: Competitors, and Alternatives in 2024

Steam Deck, with its announcement, became one of the most anticipated pieces of PC Gaming Tech. While the promise of carrying the stream library is bulky; the well-designed and handy device steam deck is impressive, for gaming enthusiasts.

If you are also planning to buy or have purchased one, our guide will assist you with the details. In this article of Steam Deck review, we have explained everything you need to know about the device and its specifications.

What Is a Steam Deck?

Steam Deck is a handheld gaming computer, that was developed by Valve, with a release date of February 25, 2022. The handheld device utilising Valve’s Linux Distribution SteamOS utilises the Proton Compatibility layer that allows individuals to run Windows games and applications.

Besides the compatibility and handheld device, Steam Deck can also be accessed through a computer or PC after connecting through a docking station; it can be used similarly to a home video game console or desktop computer.

Steam Deck Review

Features of Steam Deck

Not just the compatibility of the device but Steam Deck possess several features that include,

All-In-One Portable PC Gaming

With the AMD partnership, Steam Deck is optimised for handheld gaming. Along with a Zen 2+ RDNA 2 powerhouse, it has delivered more than enough performance to run.

Extended Battery Life

Along with an LCD screen, Steam Deck balances power has an established battery life and is designed with a comfortable screen and buttons that are compatible with long play sessions.

Hi-Fi Audio

Not only a comfortable screen, but the steam deck has stereo speakers. With clarity and soundstage, Steam deck gives you an impressive listening experience. You can also connect with your favourite headphones or earphones to connect with your friends.

Fast Resume

With quick suspend and resume features, only press the power button, and the Steam Deck will instantly pause your game and activate the sleep mode. Meanwhile, reverting the push button again will resume your game.

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Steam Deck Review: Pros And Cons

Going with the reviews, Steam Deck didn’t have several features. However, after receiving several updates, in 2023, Steam Deck is now ready to use. Besides, many gaming enthusiasts have added it as one of their favourites owing to its compatibility.

According to Steam Deck review, we have drafted a list of pros and cons which are,

Pros of Steam Deck

  • Besides having a handy size, the game is powerful.
  • The game ran consistently well
  • Not just dock compatibility but Steam Deck added monitor support and TV.
  • The game possesses a full Linux Desktop environment.
  • Has Good LAN Transfer Features

Cons of Steam Deck

  • Owing to a single USB-C port, it offers limited connection.
  • The game mods required several updates.
  • Although a support gaming system, it is unwieldy.

Steam Deck Alternative

Although Steam Deck has several specifications, owing to its several updates and limited connection, many gamers prefer other games. Some of the alternatives to Steam Deck are,

Asus ROG Ally

Considered one of the Steam Deck alternatives, Asus ROG Ally incorporates power. Besides its features, Asus ROG Ally has a 120 Hz refresh rate 500 nit brightness, and a sleek device.

Lenovo Legion Go

One of the unique handheld devices, Lenovo Legion Go is one of the considered alternatives to Steam Deck. With a huge 8.8-inch display, 16:10 aspect ratio, and 144 Hz spect rate, the Lenovo Legion Go has detachable controllers, a detachable trackpad, and RGB effects.

Razer Edge

For speed gaming and sleek features, Razer Edge is a gaming device like Steam Deck. With an OLED screen and a lightweight design, Razer Edge supports Wi-Fi and the recently introduced, Raze Edge 5G, supports 5G, exclusively on Verizon.

Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld

One of the best Steam Deck competitors, although the Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld is not as powerful, it is primarily designed for cloud gaming. Additionally, it is powered by Android which helps you enjoy games through the Play Store. Not only this but you can also play its games through Cloud.

Asus Rog Ally Vs Steam Deck: Which is Preferable?

In the Below mentioned table, we have shared a tabular comparison of the different specifications of the games;

SpecificationsAsus Rog AllySteam Deck
Pricing The Rog Ally Z1 Extreme costs $700. Besides, a a cheaper version, Ryzen Z1 is available at the cost of $600Steam Deck (64 GB storage): $349
Steam Deck (512 GB): $449
Steam Deck OLED (1TB of Storage): $649
Processors Leveraging Zen 4 CPU Cores and RDNA 3 GPU CoresFour Zen 2 Cores and Eight RDNA 2 Cores
Operating SystemWindows 11Valve’s Custom System OS
Fit and FinishDoesn’t Have Trackpads, buttons and thumbsticks felt cheap, and the D-Pad felt terrible Features Trackpads, the thumbsticks are cheap, and the D-pad felt terrible
Compatibility Asus Rog Ally is comfortable owing to its lighter weight and smaller sizeOn the contrary, Steam Deck is heavier and has a bulky look, which is reviewed as less comfortable

Hence, initially, the Asus Rog Ally had much better features than the Steam Deck with a better battery life, enhanced performance, and an exceptional gaming experience. Nevertheless, since Steam Deck has introduced the Steam Deck OLED, it is now ruling over Asus Rog Ally, since Steam Deck comes with a lesser price and overall updated features.

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Is The Steam Deck Worth It?

With the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry, Steam Deck isn’t the only worthy option available. There are a plethora of handheld games that can be played for an enhanced gaming experience.

On the contrary, while there are several games for an excellent gaming experience, Steam Deck can turn into an affordable option for you. So, if you are a gaming enthusiast and have a limited budget, Steam Deck is there to fulfil your experience. With several updates and brand-new games with enhanced settings, Steam Deck can be your new and excellent game on the PC with a budget.

Final Words

In essence, according to the data collected from several Steam Deck reviews available on the Internet, no other company is offering such a game with this excellent combination of portability, performance, and price. Along with its sleek features and maximised compatibility, Diablo 4 Steam Deck is rated by The Tecuy team as one of the best games with affordability.

Nevertheless, if you are unsatisfied with its features, you can go for an alternative that will likely serve advanced options. In the above-listed guide, we have discussed everything about Steam Deck including its affordability and reviews that can help you to choose the best option for you.

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