Elden Ring: Rare Interaction with Melina After Spending 730 Hours in Gameplay

Elden Ring: Rare Interaction with Melina After Spending 730 Hours in Gameplay

Video clips from the game Elden Ring give us a hint of Melina’s questionable background, is she real or descended.

The world of the Elden Ring is so cyclopean with its own variety of characters, lots of different weird locations, and events that players often come across some unique phenomenon even after playing for countless hours. Similarly, after playing the game for 730 hours, a player witnessed a strange and never seen before interaction with Melina. 

Melina is a non-playing character in the Elden Ring game who guides players throughout the game. She is an enigmatic young woman who appears in the game’s opening cutscene. Melina wears a black cloak and joins the players while they rest at Sites of Grace. She guides players, gives them the ability to level up, and can also teleport players to certain key parts of the game. Melina is the daughter of Queen Marika the Eternal, ruler of the Lands Between and responsible for shattering the Eldon Ring.

Melina: Elden Ring Boss

Reddit user I_AmDaVikingNow and a player from Elden Ring spent 730 hours in the game and ran out of things to see when he saw something strange that no one else had ever seen before. He posted a video on Reddit of a strange interaction with Melina, in which Melina visits the player at the Site of Grace and talks about Boc and his mother. For those who don’t know about Boc, he is a non-playing character who sews clothes and repairs armor for players after completing their quests.

Elden Ring: Rare Interaction with Melina After Spending 730 Hours in Gameplay

He can also modify players’ clothing and armor. In the video posted by I_AmDaVikingNow, Melina can be seen speaking about Boc, she says that she has seen Boc crying many times remembering his mother, and he needs someone to console him and Tell him how beautiful he is. Everything was fine until Melina asks whether being born to a mother causes such behavior, which puts Melina under suspicion about who she really is and what her background is. 

The Elden Ring game has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few years, with more and more people playing it. The game is huge and there are a lot of little things to be ironed out. In the coming time, we can get to see more such strange things.

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Who is Melina in the Elden Ring?

Melina is a non-player character in the game who serves as a guide for players, although her background has recently been hinted to be questionable.

How to save Melina Elden Ring?

To save Melina, you have to find Three Fingers and get the Frenzy Flame from them. For that, you have to go to the basement where you will find a Site of Grace and two doors. One of them will be visible and one will be hidden. You will have to sacrifice your armor in order to enter the hidden door. As soon as Three Fingers gives you Frenzy Flame, Melina will be angry with you and leave forever. You can save Melina by lighting the Erdtree with the Frenzy Flames.

Where to find the Melina Elden Ring?

The Gatefront Site of Grace is the easiest and quickest location to find Melina in the Elden Ring. This place is located north of the Church of Elleh.

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