Nvidia Sued By Authors For Using Copyrighted Work To Train NeMo AI

Nvidia Sued By Authors For Using Copyrighted Work To Train NeMo AI

Tech giant Nvidia is hit with a lawsuit by three authors, Brian Keene, Abdi Nazemian, and Stewart O’Nan. The class action lawsuit alleges that the company has been using their copyrighted works without their authorization in order to train its artificial intelligence (AI) platform, NeMo. They said that their books were included in the dataset of around 2 lakh books that trained NeMo to replicate simple written language before it was taken down because of copyright infringement reports. 

The suit, filed in San Francisco federal court, mentions that this takedown supports their claim and implies that Nvidia admits to infringing on their copyrighted work. As they accuse NeMo of being trained with the dataset, the suit also seeks damages for those living in the United States whose work was used without authorization to train NeMo’s large language models over the last few years. The legal battle now focuses on both artificial intelligence and intellectual property.

The alleged infringed copyrighted works include a wide range of literary material, including Keene’s 2008 novel ‘Ghost Walk,’ Nazemian’s 2019 novel ‘Like a Love Story,’ and O’Nan’s 2007 novella ‘Last Night at the Lobster.’

Further, Nvidia has decided to stay silent on the matter and has declined to say anything about the claims of Keene, Nazemian, and O’Nan. The California-based graphics processing giant has also not yet issued an official statement concerning the filed lawsuit. Lawyers for the authors have also refrained from commenting on the matter.

The lawsuit adds Nvidia to the list of companies landing in legal trouble over generative AI. Many writers and leading media outlets, such as The New York Times, have taken legal action against companies that use their work in order to train models to create new content based on text, images, and audio. Earlier, other companies were also sued for the same reason, including OpenAI, created by ChatGPT, and Microsoft.

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