4 TED Talks That Show How Blockchain Is Changing Business

4 TED Talks That Show How Blockchain Is Changing Business

1. How The Blockchain Is Changing Money And Business

If you are looking for a brief introduction to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, this one video is the first and last stop. This talk explains distributed ledger technology, working, and opportunities to revolutionise finances and business. 

The speaker in this talk, Don Tapscott is the Executive Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute. Tapscott has written 16 books on the impact of innovation and new technologies on society and businesses. He is a Senior Advisor at the World Economic Forum and an Associate of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet at Harvard University.

Tapscott explained all the basic questions on blockchain in an easy-to-understand manner. He answered, “What is blockchain?”, “How blockchain works?” and “What is Bitcoin?” in a less than 20 minutes video. He explained how blockchain will simplify the current messy financial service industry and turn inefficient and complex systems into transparent and immutable systems saving operational costs in millions of dollars.

Tapscott points out the potential of blockchain technology of making the world more prosperous by creating a true sharing economy, immutable ledgers with transparency, and giving the citizen control over data instead of a few entities like companies and government. 

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2. Future of Blockchain

Chelsea Rustrum brings out a different perspective on the implementation of the blockchain. The author of “It’s a Shareable Life” explains how blockchain technology can bring positive change to businesses in an 8-minute video. She explained how Airbnb has overtaken Hilton in just 5 years, are Uber drivers getting fair rewards, and whether they are vehicle owners.

In her opinion, all these companies are creating value on the ownership of the other without any commensurate reward. These ‘sharing economy’ companies are not sharing anything.

He then went on to explain how blockchain technology could create a true sharing economy, a unique and effective solution for sharing ownership rights and distributing value.

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3. How The Blockchain Will Radically Transform The Economy

The above talk was just the tip of the iceberg. This TED talk by Bettina Warburg is important for anyone who wants to delve deeper into how blockchain has the potential to improve the economy. Bettina Warburg is a blockchain researcher, educator, and entrepreneur. She explained how blockchain technology will take centralised institutions like banks and governments out of the equation.

Warburg explains how blockchain can play a key role in reducing loopholes by enabling transparency, and better asset tracing.

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4. How Cryptocurrency Can Help Start-Ups Get Investment Capital

I bet you haven’t even heard the term ICO till now. Initial Coin Offerings are an alternative way for startups to raise capital. If this is not your first attempt to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there is a high chance that you have not heard about ICOs yet.

Ashwini Amburajan, a tech entrepreneur, talks about how startups are raising capital in cryptocurrencies, why this bold step is being taken, and the impact of democratising investing.

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