Youtube To Fix Policy To Demonetize Videos With Foul Language And Swearing

Youtube To Fix Policy To Demonetize Videos With Foul Language And Swearing

Google hints at fixing policies to demonetize videos containing profanity and hate speech, but the platform hasn’t said what exactly it’s doing.

YouTube is considering changing its policies on monetizing videos containing profanity. In a statement to The Verge, Google said the platform is making some changes to its abuse policies. This policy was implemented in November, which was not welcomed by the creators and gave their reaction against it. According to the new rules, ads will be limited or removed from those videos which have abusive or rude words in the first 15 seconds and the video will be completely demonetized if profanity occurs in the first 7 seconds of the video or continues throughout the video. 

These policies would not have become an issue nor would there have been any backlash by creators if it only applied to videos uploaded after the policy was implemented. But it is not so, this policy is also applicable to those videos which have already been uploaded. YouTube has demonetized all abusive videos, including channels that rely solely on abusive and foul language. Creators have not been successful in appealing these decisions and to make matters worse, the platform does not even allow creators to edit the part of the video that is causing problems.

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Lack of coordination in communication is also posing a big problem. YouTube doesn’t directly tell violators what they did wrong. Creators know something is wrong when their videos get taken down or demonetized. Inconsistencies in the platform are also a big hassle for creators. Some videos that do not contain foul language are demonetized while some videos with profanity are not. After the video is reviewed, monetization is restored but by then a huge monetary loss has already occurred as the review takes at least a day.

YouTube has said that it is making changes to these policies, but what those changes will be is not yet known. Will these changes solve the creators’ problems?

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