What If Your ‘Destiny 2’ Character Got Deleted During Connecting To The Server

Avoid recreating the character if this ever happens, rebooting the game may help

What If Your ‘Destiny 2’ Character Got Deleted During Connecting To The Server

Don’t know what’s going on with Destiny 2 right now. This is not affecting many players, but it is the worst thing that can happen to a gamer. Entire characters are being removed from the game and the worst part is that no one knows why this is happening.

A handful of Twitter and Reddit users reported the issue. The issue was brought to the attention of the game’s developers, Bungie, and their specific team reinstated the character. However, they also said that if this is happening with others too, no evidence has been found of this incident. Well….that’s not the case.

Another Reddit user reported the problem, and the number soon grew to half a dozen. This isn’t much, but it also can’t ignore the fact that something is definitely happening in Destiny 2. The issue was raised by a Destiny 2 player on Reddit after his character was automatically deleted. He wrote that his Titan got deleted when he tried to log in. The user claimed that he did nothing wrong, just logged in as normal. He continued that he logged into the game and selected his Titan. Then he got a black screen inscribed with a text contacting the server.

What If Your ‘Destiny 2’ Character Got Deleted During Connecting To The Server

When it finished, the user was returned to the character selection section but the Titan was not there. Everything he did with Titan including inventories was missing. Players doubted if anything could be done about it. Although the Bunge team took it into account and restored his character.

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What to do if your Destiny 2 character got deleted?

The most important thing to do is ‘Avoid creating a new character at any cost’. Creating a new character will eliminate the possibility of automatic restoration of the previous character. In the past, the character seemed to have been removed due to a server bug. Sometimes the game would send you to a new character selection page. But on restarting the game the character would come back and nothing was lost.

If restarting the game doesn’t fix the problem, contact the developer on their Help forum. You can raise your issue on the game’s Reddit page or contact community managers Liana or Paul Tassi.

The issue is not widespread but it should not be like this. This is a matter of concern as it nullifies the hard work put in by the player for hours. Bungie has not yet clarified why this is happening.

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