Travellergram Review: A Guide to Features, Pros, and Cons

Travellergram Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Travellergram is an online service that allows users to search for and compare prices before booking flights and hotels. It gives users access to upload and review photos of the hotels and share them over social media platforms. It can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

Is Travellergram legit?

The website has proper certificates, and the IP address has been there for the last six years, which makes it more reliable. But it depends on the users, whether they find it credible or not. Read this Travellergram review to find out more about the platform.

Is Travellergram safe?

Travellergram is a website that offers users the option to book hotels online. Some scam detector websites have approved Travellergram websites and consider them safe for use. However, this website is hosted in countries with high risk. It also engages in false advertising and uses link shortening. So, it can be deduced that the website is not completely safe for use and needs to build credibility to increase its popularity.

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How does Travellergram work?

You only need to visit the Travellergram website. Enter the travel dates and location for your vacation, and find all the available options for your hotel. The search engine on Travellergram will find the most suitable hotel deals wherever you want.

If you like any hotel, then simply enter your contact information and complete the payment. Once the payment is completed, users will receive an email regarding the confirmation of their bookings.

Travellergram Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

What are the Pros of using Travellergram? 

Many websites provide flight and hotel booking services; how is this different? So here are some unique features of Travellergram that distinguish it from others.

Guaranteed booking

The website claims to give a 100% guarantee of booking and a refund if the reservation is not confirmed. Having such a guarantee makes the booking experience trustworthy, as it shows how you will not feel betrayed at any point. But it depends on the user if they want to have faith in them or not.

No hidden charges

Travellergram also claims to have no hidden charges whenever you are booking anything. This means you do not have to pay anything other than what’s already shown, and the original price is the legitimate price.

24/7 customer service

The platform also claims that its customer support team is always available to help users. They also claim that your call will not be directed to a machine; instead, a real person will guide you through your issues. However, only a little information is given on the website related to customer support.

Cheapest price available

The algorithm of Travellergram is helpful to users as it is designed to find the best deals available on hotels. It assures you of getting the cheapest deal possible.

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What are the Cons of using Travellergram?

Basic design

The design of the Travellergram website is effortless. There is only an option to enter your travel dates and location. Then all the available hotels will be shown on your feed. While this minimalism is appreciated nowadays, it seems like it was designed by a scammer with no thought given to staying long-term.

No feedback

They do not have any reviews on famous review websites, and the presence of social media accounts is also negligible. This is doubtful, as the thoughts and experiences of others help you decide to form an opinion about the company and its services. It doesn’t matter if the reviews are positive or negative, as all famous companies get both, but no reviews are suspicious.

Fake advertising

Several Travellergram reviews claimed that the website uses false advertising. The users said that the price of a hotel for one night was listed at a lower cost, but when they clicked on the listing, the price automatically increased. It is suspicious because the website is using false advertising, which might be misleading and make users spend more than their budget.

No contact details

Travellergram does not have any contact information mentioned on their website. There are no phone numbers or email addresses to contact the service. However, the address is listed for the offices, which are located in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, and it does not help to gain much information about the website.

False claims

Travellergram claims to have the lowest prices for hotels on their websites. However, this is not true, as many other booking websites display lower costs for the same hotels on their websites.

Therefore, it is difficult to trust the website as there is little to no information about them on online platforms. They do not have any social media accounts or customer feedback contact information. So, the users need to be sure of the legitimacy and then proceed with the payment, as it could be a scam.

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