Top 6 Tech Trends in 2023 You Should Be Thinking About

Top 6 Tech Trends in 2023 You Should Be Thinking About

We are the generation that has witnessed a revolution in the field of technology. From analog computers to artificial intelligence, we have seen technology developing at a rapid pace all around us. The knowledge we gained over time and improvements in material science led to rapid changes in technology, opening up new fields and new uses.

The COVID-19 outbreak forces IT professionals to develop new forms of workspace and interaction. With advances in natural language processing and machine learning, AI will become more prevalent in 2023. 5G will enable ultrafast connectivity and AI will be capable of handling complex tasks. The combination of both techs will revolutionise our way of living in the future. The rapid change in tech also requires learning new skills to secure jobs in the future.

Let’s have a Glimpse into some of The Tech Trends in 2023

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has already made an intrusion into our lives. In the ongoing decade, we will see AI working for us everywhere, making our lives easier by handling complex tasks that used to take a lot of brainstorming and time. We are already using AI in the form of voice assistants, image and speech recognition, navigation, and in many apps.

AI can better understand and analyse patterns in certain tasks. One example is preloading apps on our smartphones according to our usage patterns. A similar usage can benefit managing inventory in warehouses, hospitals, and many other places.

The AI market is reaching a $57 billion valuation in 2023 and will touch the $190 billion mark by 2025. As the use of AI is increasing, new jobs in programming, development, testing, maintenance, and support will be created. AI also offers one of the highest-paid jobs in the world. Some Jobs in AI are AI research scientist, AI architect, and AI engineer.

2. Smart Devices

Smart Devices

With the rise of AI, several new uses of devices emerged. One of them is smart devices. AI made our lives smooth, smart, simple, and hassle-free. AI-enabled appliances, wearables, and work devices have made a big impact on our lives. The market for smart devices is gonna grow and will bring jobs with him. The rapid growth in every field in the IT industry nowadays requires good proficiency in IT and automation. As a result, the demand for Data Scientists and Automation Engineers is also increasing. Some jobs in this field are IT manager, product tester, product manager, and automation engineer.

3. Extended reality

Extended reality

Extended reality is a mixture of virtual reality and augmented reality with real reality. This technology is in high demand among medical experts, gamers, modelling, and retail.

Overall, gaming is a popular and important sector to enter. It does not require high-level qualifications. Basic knowledge and passion for gaming are enough to build a successful career. Some jobs in the field of AR and VR are extended reality architect, software developer, game designer, and creative director.

4. 3D Printing

3D Printing

In previous decades, making prototypes was difficult and expensive. One miscalculation and everything goes for naught. Advances in simulation and 3D printing have made prototype formulation easier and cheaper. In the 80s people could never imagine printing real objects but nowadays it is a reality.

3D printing is also very useful in the biomedical field. The increase in the use of this technology in the healthcare and industrial sectors requires a lot of printing and thus knowledge. Various jobs like CX program manager, operations manager, and 3D printer engineer in this sector pay a good amount.

5. 5G

5G technology

3G was a good jump but 4G was a leap in communication technology. 4G enabled the use of high-speed browsing, streaming, and data-driven services. 4G changed the way we use the internet while 5G is said to have revolutionised our lives. Cloud-based services will become more common such as NVidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and more. 5G will also aid in the healthcare segment. HD camera connectivity over 5G will transfer footage in real time with ultra-low latency, thereby improving traffic and security management. Our imagination is the limit to the uses of 5G. Therefore, there will be a need for engineers and developers to manage the technology.

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is another interesting and promising technology on the rise. Devices nowadays come with built-in WiFi connectivity and can connect and transfer data over the internet. Many devices in our homes can now be controlled by our smartphones. We can start our car and turn on the AC before leaving home, preheat the oven on our way home from work, lock the doors if we forget to do so, and much more.

By 2023, there will be over 50 billion IoT-enabled devices around us. 5G will also play a major role in growth, with spending on these devices estimated at $1.1 trillion by 2023.

The field of IoT requires knowledge of AI, machine learning, informational security, automation, designing, hardware interfacing, and data analytics.

Other tech trends which are on the rise are computing power, datafication, digital trust, genomics, new energy solutions, robotics, cyber security, blockchain, edge and quantum computing, metaverse, and web3. 

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