The Best Alternatives to Gramhir to Elevate Your Instagram Analytics Game

The Best Alternatives to Gramhir to Elevate Your Instagram Analytics Game

Some tools do exactly what Gramhir does and some bring new features and capabilities. Let’s explore.

Gramhir is a comprehensive web-based Instagram analytics tool. It gives you an in-depth understanding of your account’s performance. It brings forth various metrics to help you assess engagement rates of your posts through sophisticated data collection and analysis. But now, is being redirected to 

That is weird because Reviwu is a site where people can review social media profiles. It is something totally different from Gramhir. And if you used to depend on Gramhir, it’s probably time to seek an alternative. 

Gramhir Key Features and Benefits

Gramhir came with a set of features that are quite practical in terms of managing and improving your Instagram marketing strategies.

Competitor analysis

You could use Gramhir to gauge your performance against competitors. It allows you to pinpoint areas where you can make improvements.

Audience insights

The tool helped you identify audience demographics and thus tailor your content to your current audience base to increase engagement. You can also use these insights to modify your approach to target a different audience demographic.

Post analysis

Gramhir gave you a clear picture of all your posts and helps you identify the best and worst performing posts so that you can make informed decisions while making new content.

Hashtag generator

Gramhir would assess the effectiveness of a hashtag in a given scenario and suggest the best possible hashtags for your post.

These things aside, Gramhir had other notable benefits like tracking progress of your account and suggesting best time-ranges for profile activity. Overall, Gramhir was a handy tool for managing your Instagram campaigns.

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Why Should You Look for a Gramhir Alternative?

Well, firstly because it is nowhere to be found. As a small business owner or solopreneur it is part of your job to be on the lookout for better tools to manage your work. Gramhir was great but that doesn’t mean you cannot explore potential alternatives when it’s suddenly redirecting to a different site. Visitors to are being redirected to for reasons not clearly known. The change can be a result of an acquisition and collaboration, or a technical issue that forced Gramhir to shift its domain. Nonetheless, it gives you a good excuse to look for new tools.

5 Gramhir Alternatives You Should Check Out in 2023

The following are some tools you can use instead of Gramhir or eben alongside it. Some do exactly what Gramhir does and some bring new features and capabilities. Let’s explore.

1. Inflact

Tools like Inflact are the future of Instagram marketing. Not only does it analyze your account, your competitor accounts, and generate hashtags for your posts, it also gives you access to an AI driven chatbot that can talk to your clients and help you close deals as you sleep.

Key features

  • Smart targeting to help you get more followers organically
  • Profile analyzer to gain insights into your competitors
  • Schedule Instagram posts with auto-updated descriptions
  • Auto direct messenger
  • A CRM platform to control sales through Instagram.

2. Flick 

Flick is a social media management tool that you can use exclusively for Instagram or all your social channels. It comes with some very simple yet handy features.

Key features   

  • Scheduler allows you to plan content in advance, schedule them and forget about it.
  • Analyzer helps you keep track of the performance metrics so that you do not lose grasp of what’s working on social media.
  • Hashtag generator makes sure you are getting the visibility you deserve.

Beta feature

Flick is currently running the Beta for an AI social media assistant that will help you with writing social content, creating new ideas, and repurposing old ideas.

3. UseViral

This one is different. UseViral sells high quality followers on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and a host of other social media platforms. That means, you can use their services to boost the engagement on a particular post over a period of time.

Key features 

  • UseViral brings organic traffic to your posts by using smart targeting
  • It staggers the engagement so that it looks natural and doesn’t incur a ban
  • It is incredibly easy to set up and you do not need to commit for a long-term relationship, you can pay them on a per-post basis.

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4. Picuki

Picuki is a handy web-based Instagram browser that helps you edit your profile as well as check what’s trending on Instagram from through your web-browser.

Key features

  • Edit photos in your profile that are publicly available
  • Explore trending content
  • Browse through the public accounts on Instagram without logging in.

5. Crowdfire 

Crowdfire is a social media management application that helps you with finding content that speaks to your audience, publishing them consistently, and analyzing the performance of your posts.

Key features

  • Automatically curates articles that match your content strategy
  • Curates shareable images for your Instagram feed
  • Schedule posts for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest from the same platform
  • Measure your ROI
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