7 Startup Ideas That Could Actually Work in 2023

7 Startup Ideas That Could Actually Work in 2023

Starting up a business has a lot of mental barriers attached to it along with financial barriers. The most important component of a startup is the idea behind it – a startup idea that has the potential to bring about a revolution or at least create something that caters to a previously unfulfilled need. Entrepreneurship is hard but it can be extremely rewarding if done right. The important thing is to brainstorm ideas and be excited about them. Your startup idea has to come from you and we are here just to lend you a few thoughts, help you with a bit of market research, and point at some stones that are yet to be turned.

1. Help out parents to engage their kids in a meaningful way

Children are exposed to the blue light of smartphones and tablets at a very early age, and there is seemingly no way around it so why not utilize it for something constructive? Can you come up with educational content for children that is equally entertaining and engaging – it can be something like clicking the image of an animal to hear about it through audio-visual content. We’re obviously thinking out loud and encourage you to do the same because parents do want something that engages their children in a meaningful and exciting way.

2. How about a meal prep service?

That’s hardly a new thing, you would say. It doesn’t have to be a new concept as long as it targets a fresh consumer base who are willing to try a change. Myspace and Orkut were already there when Facebook came about – didn’t stop them from becoming the largest social media network. Maybe you can focus on a specific diet category, and mix things up a little bit. 217 million US citizens will depend on online food delivery by 2026, targeting that market does seem like a smart move.

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3. Have you thought about a drop-shipping business?

E-commerce businesses are burgeoning to the point of saturation and a lot of smaller players struggle to manage storage and delivery – even some larger players depend on localized drop-shipping services to reach certain areas. This is definitely an area that you can consider. If you can offer drop-shipping services at a lower cost you might actually land some interesting opportunities.

4. A localized grocery and meat delivery service could work

Apparently, the grocery delivery market is pretty crowded but a lot of people still find it hard to get a slot, especially for last-minute needs. You can be the local go-to person when it comes to delivering groceries and meats – take orders the night before, buy them fresh in bulk for a price lower than the market price, and deliver them for a little over market price. The profits will turn up as your consumer base grows. 

7 Startup Ideas That Could Actually Work in 2023

5. Custom clothing for all ages

Customized clothing is not an alien idea but somehow the target market is limited to a certain age group. You hardly see 55-year-olds sporting customized clothes. That’s something you can poke your nose into. See if you can come up with some clothing ideas that would appeal to multiple age groups, you may even categorize them. Get friends and family to model for you, get some pictures out there and see where it leads.

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6. Have you considered a ghost-writing firm?

Gather a couple of your friends who are good with words and can spend a few hours a day, to begin with. Look for ghostwriting projects for SEO and organic branding. You will find some as it is a burgeoning market. Write some by yourself, and assign some to your associates. Once you have secured some clients, start hiring people and pay them a little less than what you are being paid. You can see where we’re going with this, right?

7. Make eco-friendly cosmetics

The beauty and personal products market is poised to reach $128.7 billion by 2030. Trying to get a piece of it is fair. Creating products with natural ingredients and promoting them can work for you. You can even make videos that cover your manufacturing process. That sort of transparency can really build you a fan following and you don’t have to worry about branding separately. 

Startups fail. The key to success is persistence until you succeed. Put all your heart and soul into an idea that you really believe in. The worst that could happen is, you will learn how to do it wrong.

Ombir Sharma is Outreach Specialist at Tecuy Media. He is also an SEO and writer having an experience of more than 3 years in these respective fields. He likes to spend his time researching on various subjects.