Starlink Review: Everything You Need to Know About Elon Musk’s Brainchild

Starlink Review: Everything You Need to Know About Elon Musk’s Brainchild
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After promoting itself as a scene-changer in rural broadband internet access, Starlink, by Elon Musk, is the only possible option left for many users. But zero competition has made the service provider so confident that there are lags in downloads and several glitches, according to many Starlink reviews.

Even though Starlink has been servicing about 3,000 satellites in low-earth orbit for a year, it is still unable to fix its bugs.

Starlink price

The initial cost is $599 for the required hardware; earlier, it was $100 less at $499 with shipping charges and other taxes. The cost of a basic monthly internet service is $120; earlier, it was $99. Starlink is still unavailable in many parts of the country and the world. However, you can check its availability and plans in your area after entering your address on the main website.

It’s not surprising that the basic subscription cost has started to touch the sky in recent years. The standard plan costs $120 per month and offers unlimited data. The details of various plans are visible on the main site. In short, the latency is 25–60 Ms with a download and upload speed of 25–100 Mbps and 5–10 Mbps, respectively.

There is an option to pay for priority data at $140 per month and get 40 GB of priority speeds for those who find the standard plan ineffective. The performance of priority data is much better with download and upload speeds of 40–220 Mbps and 8–25 Mbps, respectively. Starlink allocates data in a fair manner for its standard plan, and exceeding that can lead to restrictions on your network speeds. A fair use policy means streaming, video calls, etc.

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Problems with Starlink

It is very difficult to keep the router outside, so those who are not comfortable with DIY will have to call someone to dig holes in the wall and keep the router inside with a connection to the dish.

Another problem with Starlink is the hardware cost. However, there are also special promotions available. Users in selected countries can decide to rent the hardware instead of buying it. It just requires an activation fee of $50 initially and $10 per month.

Users can also buy an Ethernet adapter for only $40, as the Starlink router has no Ethernet port of its own. It also comes with a 30-day trial, and the subscription can be cancelled at any time. Similarly, rented hardware can also be returned.

Starlink Review: Everything You Need to Know About Elon Musk’s Brainchild

What’s included?

All the items needed for using Starlink come in one package and include a rectangular Starlink satellite ‘dish’, a small plastic stand for it, a 75-foot connecting cable, the Starlink Wi-Fi router, and a 10-foot power cable for the router. The installation process can be easily done with the guidance of a free smartphone app.

The dish adjusts its aim and is heated to prevent snow and ice. It is done with the help of a special cable that carries power to the dish and signals to the router. The setup and installation process hardly takes 10 minutes and does not require a professional installer. Just fix the dish on its tripod stand on a lawn with a clear view of the sky. Use the Starlink app to get online after plugging in the WiFi router.

People might face some issues due to the length of the supplied cable. The early version contained an Ethernet cable with only 100 feet of length, which might be insufficient for a large home. The new package has a 75-foot cable, shorter than before. Fortunately, it is replaceable with a 150-foot cable, costing only $93. Users need to evaluate their area, as expenses might increase.

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Starlink Review:

Many users might still have some questions. Is Starlink good? Is Starlink worth it? Starlink Reviews have said that people are happy with the Starlink residential plan. It could prove to be more cost-effective than mobile broadband. You will have to research the download speeds in your area to make your internet experience better.

A previous limitation of buying a dish, mount, and router has been removed as the option of renting hardware is now available for Starlink users. However, you might need extra hardware and professional help to set up the dish permanently.


Anyone who has ever had slow internet access will find Starlink worth it, despite its high cost. It will only be popular until there is no competition. Experts are still doubtful if the services will ever be improved, as it’s been more than a year and no specific improvements have been made. After comparing Starlink with a Comcast Xfinity cable internet service, Xfinity proved to be a better choice by delivering download speeds of 400 Mbps and even average speeds of 140 Mbps during peak hours. Starlink is better than services like Hughes, as it works fine even during snow and rain by heating the dish after coming into contact.