reMarkable 2 Review: Just an Electronic Notebook or a Scene Changer?

reMarkable 2 Review: Just an Electronic Notebook or a Scene Changer?
Image: reMarkable

For many people, handwritten notes are the best way to get the chapters imprinted in their minds. It requires effort to carry notebooks, pens, and highlighters wherever you go. But what if we tell you that it can become easy for you? Unlike other devices, e-ink tablets give you the option to take notes like a traditional tablet user while simultaneously offering the storage capacity of a writing tablet.

The e-ink displays provide a smooth reading and writing experience, with grayscale technology to give a longer battery life compared to Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Amazon tablets.

The reMarkable 2 tablet has great build quality and does not compromise physically. Its aluminium casing gives a premium and solid feel to the tablet, but also a traditional look to the notebook. It is very thin, at only 4.7mm, enough to fit in a USB C port. Its metal casing gives a stiff and solid feel with the large display of 10.3 inches. There can be problems picking up the device when it is kept on a flat surface because it is very thin.

Many PDFs with the size of letter format, generally 8.5″x11″, are difficult to access on devices with smaller displays, but not on reMarkable 2. The 10.3-inch display with a resolution of 1872 x 1404 gives a perfect display of the fonts and images and makes it great for sketching or taking notes.

If you have previously tried drawing or writing on a traditional tablet, then you must know about the problems with texture differences between the glass and paper. A lot of you must have tried to adjust, but the reMarkable 2 focuses on removing this issue and provides a smooth drawing and writing experience. The texture is more like paper than glass.

reMarkable 2 interface

Turn the device on by pressing the single button in the top left corner. The home screen will give you the option to choose between existing notebooks or the permanent notes section. The documents and notes that are being written can be edited and sorted into folders. There is an option to create new files from various kinds of templates, like checklists and ruled pages. You can also access a blank page to fill it with your creativity. Users can choose the brush shape and size, text, and undo their actions from a toolbar on the left side of the screen.

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Price of reMarkable 2 tablet

The tablet costs $399, the marker stylus is $49, and the folio case is $69. The company is currently providing the reMarkable 2 pen with the reMarkable 2 tablet, so buyers can get all these things for $399 for now. The marker comes with high-friction tips that are easily replaceable. It does not need a battery and automatically gets attached to the right side of the tablet with a magnet. Users can also use a marker plus, costing $99, that performs a similar function, except it also has sensors that can be used as an eraser.

Similarly, a book folio, worth $99, can also be used as an upgrade of the simple folio case and has a better flip-open cover but does not have an existing slot for the marker, and the marker will only stick to the tablet with its magnet. Well, aren’t you thinking that it’s better to simply use an iPad and an Apple Pencil? That is a good method for note-taking, but the iPad also has some demerits, like the glass texture instead of paper-like friction. And who would want to study when Netflix is one click away?

reMarkable 2 Review: Just an Electronic Notebook or a Scene Changer?
Image: reMarkable

Kindle Scribe vs. reMarkable 2

Amazon and reMarkable have both come up with excellent e-ink tablets. However, you need to decide which product will be more suitable based on your writing requirements.


The Amazon Kindle scribe costs more than most of the other kindles, but it is definitely worth the money. You can buy it on Amazon for only $340.

The reMarkable 2 is also available on Amazon and costs $300, but there is a problem: it does not include the writing pen, and you will need to spend more money on the marker.


Both devices have similar sizes and designs, but they have different uses. The reMarkable tablet looks like a big slab. It is thin and suits the best minimalist.

However, the kindle scribe intends to be more than just a writing tablet, and its main aim is to be multifunctional. Both tablets have similar battery lives and can last for days, according to the reMarkable 2 review.

Support format

The reMarkable tablet only supports pdf and epub formats, decreasing the versatility of the device. The Kindle scribe offers many more formats when compared to the reMarkable and offers you the option to carry your notes and presentations in any format. Additionally, it supports audiobooks as well.

In conclusion, the Kindle scribe is a better option among the two as it costs less and has more versatility.

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Supernote vs. reMarkable 2


The reMarkable 2 only has 8 GB of internal storage, while the Supernote A5 X has 32 GB of internal storage, much more when compared.

File formats supported

reMarkable supports EPUB and PDF documents, but they convert EPUBs to PDFs first, making it a very time-consuming process. Supernote supports EPUB, PDF, Word documents, PNG, and JPG image formats.

File transfer

If you want to transfer any files to reMarkable, you have to use their open storage system, the reMarkable Cloud. Supernote offers many options for transferring files, like Supernote Cloud, Supernote Partner App, Dropbox, Email, and USB.

So, if you compare these two products based on their functional capabilities, the Supernote A5 X will be a better choice.