Overwatch 2 Unveils New Hero Illari and ‘Invasion’ Update

Overwatch 2 Unveils New Hero Illari and 'Invasion' Update

Overwatch 2, the sequel to the popular team-based shooter, is gearing up for a significant update. The arrival of Illari on August 10 is set to coincide with the expansive “Invasion” content drop. This promises to be one of the most substantial updates for the free-to-play game by Blizzard Entertainment. Fans can catch the first glimpse of Illari, a support hero hailing from Peru. The hero is armed with a solar-powered gunblade and has a unique healing ability.

Blizzard has not given a full rundown of Illari’s abilities. Nevertheless, the teaser trailer gives you an idea of her potential impact on the game. Illari’s gunblade seems to blend a sniper rifle and a railgun. The trailer shows Illari skillfully neutralizing an ulting Pharah from a distance.

Illari’s ultimate skill named “Captive Sun” launches her into the air, allowing her to rain down a solar-powered bomb upon enemies below. 

That’s not all. Illari’s capacity to heal teammates using a turret mechanism is going to have a deep impact on the gameplay. Another intriguing ability allows Illari to evade enemy attacks, seemingly inspired by Overwatch 2’s roster of heroes.

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Illari will be officially joining Overwatch 2 roster as the game’s 38th hero and the 10th support-class hero.

The Overwatch 2: Invasion update will introduce a narrative-driven player-versus-environment (PvE) element along with the new Flashpoint game mode. This offering is part of season 6 of Overwatch 2. 

Overwatch 2 can be accessed on a variety of platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The game will also be available on Steam for PC players on August 10.

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