Minecraft: How to Fight the Ferrous Wroughtnaut?

Minecraft: How to Fight the Ferrous Wroughtnaut?

Ferrous Wroughtnaut is among the most challenging enemies to defeat in the Minecraft universe. It deflects your attacks and kills you with swift arcs of its axe of thousand metals. This post talks about the only way to defeat the Ferrous Wroughtnaut.

The name Ferrous points to something that contains iron. You understand the point of the name Ferrous Wroughtnaut when you try to attack it with your sword. You hear a clanking sound of metal and the creature remains completely unharmed. That sounds pretty solid, much like iron, right? It’s one of the hardest creatures to fight in Minecraft, quite literally. Nevertheless, there’s a secret way of defeating the Ferrous Wroughtnaut and we’ll discuss the same in this post. Before jumping into the technique you can use to defeat this iron knight, let’s find out a bit more about it.

Who is the Ferrous Wroughtnaut?

Ferrous Wroughnaut is a mob featured in Mowzie’s mobs. It’s a large knight that wears metal armor and resides inside the Wroughtnaut rooms. The Wroughtnaut rooms are cubicle rooms built with cobblestone pillars and stone-slab floors. The Ferrous Wroughtnaut sits idle in the Wrought chamber when you first discover it. As you get closer, the monster wakes up and attacks you. 

But why does it attack?

Lore has it that the Ferrous Wroughnaut is guarding something, but it has forgotten what it’s guarding. It is so old that it has forgotten its origin, goal, or identity. It doesn’t have a master or a kingdom to serve. It’s a powerful armored knight that has one objective – destroy whatever approaches the Wrought chamber. 

A mystery covers the existence of the Ferrous Wroughtnaut, that’s what makes it so interesting. However, when you encounter one, you’ll realize that it’s a monster with a tremendous scare quotient. While it’s not as big as an Ender Dragon or the Wither, it’s aggressive enough to make you sweat a little out of nervousness. Things get worse when you realize that your weapon just makes an ineffective clang sound when you try to hit the mob.

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Mowzie’s mob and its philosophy

Before we disclose the technique of defeating the Ferrous Wroughtnaut, we ought to talk a little about Mowzie’s mobs.

Minecraft is a sandbox game. And developers and gamers across the globe contribute to making it more interesting. The changes made to alter the original gameplay introduced by the main developers are called mods – short for modifications. Mowzie’s mobs is a fantasy-themed mod that adds a bunch of fictional characters – monsters and their lairs – to make the game more interesting.

For the average player, Minecraft mob fights are all about slashing their weapons mindlessly at the mobs until either party is dead. Mowzie’s mobs changed this pattern. The monsters they introduced are designed to provoke thought among the players. Ferrous Wroughnaut is a great manifestation of this philosophy. Finally, we’ve arrived at the point when we tell you how to defeat the ferrous knight.

Minecraft: How to Fight the Ferrous Wroughtnaut?

Killing the Ferrous Wroughtnaut

We have already established that the Wroughtnaut is immune to your attacks. But it has one vulnerability. You’ll notice that there’s a sword lodged into its back. Maybe it carries the mark of an old battle. Whatever it is, it’s your way through the creature’s metal armor. But how do you attack it there?

The Ferrous Wroughtnaut has a lot of cool moves, one of them is swinging high and bringing its axe down on you in a vertical arc. If you dodge the vertical swing, the knight’s axe gets stuck in the ground for a brief moment and its back stays uncovered. You have to react fast and strike it on its back when it’s vulnerable. You have to keep repeating it several times until the beast is defeated.

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What does the Ferrous Wroughtnaut drop?

Every creature that you beat in Minecraft drops something or the other for you to add to your inventory. The Ferrous Wroughtnaut drops two such things – the Wrought Helm and the Axe of a Thousand Metals.

The Wrought Helm is an unbreakable helmet that adds 2 Armor and 1 Knockback Resistance to the wearer. You can also enhance its powers through enchantments.

The Axe of a Thousand Metals adds an Attack Damage value of 9 and an Attack Speed value of 0.9. Like the helmet, the axe is unbreakable. You can use it in two ways. By Right Clicking, you can use swing the axe in a large arc. If you hold the Downshift key while Right Clicking, the axe slams the ground creating a shockwave. 

Quick facts about the Ferrous Wroughtnaut

  • The Ferrous Wroughtnauts reside in Wroughtchambers that are found under the Overworld. 
  • The Wroughtnauts are formed naturally between layer 10 and layer 30.
  • The Ferrous Wroughtnaut has only one weakness – the sword lodged in its back.
  • The Ferrous Wroughtnauts are often found in pairs or groups.
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