Total Adblock Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Total Adblock Review: Is It Worth The Money?
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Ad blocker tools are used to protect your browsing and stop annoying ads, pop-ups, banners, etc. It enables you to access the information on your screen without constant spam.

Total Adblock is one such tool that is gaining popularity in the market. It was created by the manufacturers of TotalAV, one of the best antivirus programs, and provides precise protection from adware and threats to your information.

A team has tested this ad blocker based on its performance in blocking ads, features, and extensions, and whether the money is worth the features. Still, users can have many questions on their minds. Is Total Adblock legit? Is Total Adblock safe? Read our Total Adblock reviews to decide if you want to make a purchase or not.

What does it do?

The Total Adblock service uses script blocking, the process of blocking websites from writing cookies before the user gives consent, to prevent suspicious adware from accessing your data. Total Adblock removes video ads, pop-ups, and third-party trackers.

The types of ads blocked with the help of Total Adblock tools are:

Contextual advertising: It means the placement of promotional content matched with the relevant digital content. Total Adblock will stop Google AdSense and Yandex Direct, and the user won’t see any ads on the page.

Analytic tools: These are the tools that monitor your activity, what you click, and what kinds of ads you see. Total Adblock will stop tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar from tracking your data.

Banner advertising: It means the common ads that users interact with, like gif images, pop-ups, static images, and so on. Total Adblock blocks all these kinds of ads.

Error monitoring: It is used to monitor the performance of a site and give feedback to the developer of any such site regarding the changes needed to the website. Total Adblock blocks BugSnag Monitoring and works efficiently.

Video ads: These ads are shown on streaming platforms like YouTube or Twitch, and total adblock blocks those ads too.

While Total AdBlock is excellent software for ad blocking, it also has some cons, like

  • There is no Firefox extension
  • Lacks customer support
Total Adblock Review: Is It Worth The Money?
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Interface of the Total Adblock

Total Adblock works with many browsers, can be downloaded as an app on mobile phones, and supports both, iOS and Android. The features are the same for all the browsers. Sadly, the Firefox extension is not available anymore. Android has the most features among the mobile app versions.

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Features of Total Adblock

While the features have already been discussed, Total Adblock provides customised security and a smooth browsing experience.

Whitelist features

It allows the users to choose websites where the ads are acceptable to them. The links to those websites will be provided by the users, and Adblock will not use script-blocking techniques on those websites.

Pop-up blocking

It blocks all the pop-up ads and notifications from the website and allows you to whitelist websites for notifications, like with the ads.

Available filters

The option to apply filters is only available on mobile versions, and users can keep filters on content like social media filters, annoyance filters, and mobile ad filters.

Is Total Adblock the same as Adblock?

If you are wondering if Adblock and Total Adblock are the same extensions, then you are wrong. The extensions are developed by different companies and have different features. 

Total Adblock is supported on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android, while Adblock also supports these platforms, including Linux and Chromebooks. The price of adblock is $1 per month, while total adblock costs $29 for one year.

Is Total Adblock safe?

Yes, total adblock is safe, as it was created by the security giant responsible for TotalAV, one of the most credible antivirus softwares. Users can expect that this ad blocker is as safe as other products like Total Adblock and TotalVPN. A few tests also showed that total adblock prevents users from being exposed to malicious ads and provides online safety.

Total Adblock Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Is Total Adblock free?

The total adblock-free subscription is very limited and can only be used for 7 days. It can be used on Android, iOS, and Chrome browser extensions, and one account can support up to one device only. The free version differs from the paid one and offers fewer features if compared. It still blocks ads, removes trackers and analytics tools, and protects against malicious websites.

How much does Total Adblock cost?

The premium total adblock plan costs only $1.99 per month and gives a 14-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, you can also opt to buy the TotalAV antivirus suite for $49 per year and get total adblock with it with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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How to use Total Adblock?

  1. Search for Total Adblock in the extension store.
  2. Click on it to add Total Adblock to your browser.
  3. Set up Total Adblock on your browser.
  4. Ensure to enable all the features needed from the setting.
  5. All the ads will be blocked while browsing.

How to cancel/remove Total Adblock from Chrome?

While AdBlock tools are useful for a smooth browsing experience, sometimes they can stop you from opening important websites. Fortunately, it is easy to remove any adblock tool from Chrome by following these steps:

  1. Click on the three-dot menu, on the top right corner of the Chrome web browser.
  2. Hover your mouse on the More Tools option.
  3. Select extensions.
  4. Click switch under the total adblock extension tool to disable the extension.

In conclusion, Total Adblock is an ad blocker software that is worth buying as it is affordable and equally efficient. Try the 7-day free version to find out more about the tool, then decide if you want to purchase the premium subscription or not.