Instanavigation: View Instagram Story Anonymously, It’s Review & Alternatives

Instanavigation: View Instagram Story Anonymously, It’s Review & Alternatives
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Since social media have started taking over a major part of our lives, we have been more aware of our identity and security. And if you’ve already indulged in the digital world, you must be aware of “social media stalking.” We often like to stalk and get a sneaky look at what our friends (whom we are not following), enemies, and acquaintances are doing in their lives. However, stalking needs immense concentration as no one likes to be caught while doing the same.

So, for a seamless stalking experience, there are several tools and techniques listed on the Internet that assure the security of your personal information. Among them is Instanavigation which provides a similar service. Nevertheless, if you are not aware of it and are eager to learn about the application, you’re on the right platform. Read this guide to learn about Instaavigation and how to use it.

What is Instanavigation?

Instanavigation is an online application that allows users to access Instagram stories of individuals without being identified. Meanwhile, it can be used by people who like to watch their known Instagram stories without being noticed. 

After you provide the necessary access to your Insta handle to Instanavigation, you will be all set to view anyone’s Instagram story without getting noticed. This will not only restrict your view access to the opposite but will also protect your credentials. 

Operates by employing an intermediary server, it allows users to connect with Instagram.

Hence, that means, if you are connecting your social media with Instanavigation, your IP address gets confined and restricts users from seeing them.

How to Use Instanavigation?

While people think Instanavigation would be quite difficult to use, it is quite the opposite. All you need to do is enter the Instagram username to enter it in the dialogue box and you will see the, 

  • User stories.
  • Actual stories.
  • Current posts.
  • Read post comments.
  • IGTV.

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Is Instanavigation safe to use?

Although the app seems useful, you must be looking for Instanavigation reviews to confirm its safety. Nevertheless, the app has been reviewed as secure among other apps. On the contrary, since Instanavigation takes access to your Instagram account and is a personal tool, there are chances that your personal information gets screwed.

Additionally, despite Instanavigation taking access to your Instagram handle, it does not provide security similar to other social media platforms.

However, to resist the risks, follow the suggestions,

  • Utilise a VPN to disappear your IP address. Meanwhile, it will also regulate your online traffic.
  • Along with it, make sure that your software is up-to-date. Moreover, it includes your operating system, Internet browser, and anti-virus software.
Instanavigation: AccessTo View Instagram Story Anonymously, It’s Review & Alternatives

Alternatives of Instanavigation

If you’ve already gone along with some bad reviews of Instanavigation, then there are chances that you will resist using it. However, no need to worry as there are several alternatives to the application that you can use for your utility. They are,

A free tool, Insta Stories Viewer can help you in viewing Instagram stories while hiding your identity. However, this is only restricted to viewing Instagram stories.

A similar and free tool, you can enjoy the service of watching Instagram anonymously without installing it

Mollygram has similar uses and it provides a hassle-free service of making you watch stories. However, the only thing you need to do is go to their website and use the dialogue box to view the story

It is yet another application that allows you to watch respective Instagram stories anonymously.

A valid website Insanoy is counted among the similar apps. So, if you are struggling to watch someone’s stories without letting them know, go for the application

A similar kind of website, Storiesig allows users to download and save Instagram stories of public accounts. Along with it, this website provides us with the facility to watch stories without logging in.


Instastories, is a very simple and easy-to-use platform that helps users to watch Instagram stories anonymously. Not only this but also facilitates saving stories in high quality and viewing them at their convenience. In addition to that, the website is free to use and does not require any registration or payment.

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The utility of Instanavigation has widely increased through the year for viewing stories anonymously. However, besides hiding your personal information and security, you should avoid initiating anything harmful by using such apps.

With the advancement and digitalisation of generation, Instanavigation has brought a change in social media. And with more modernization, we can expect better and safer changes around the world. Meanwhile, the users must stay updated and make responsible decisions while using Instanavigation. Hence, with better safety and intentions, this application is good to go.

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