Hyper Light Breaker Early Access Launch Postponed to 2024

Hyper Light Breaker Early Access Launch Postponed to 2024
Image: Heart Machine / Gearbox Publishing

“Hyper Light Breaker” has postponed its entry into Steam Early Access once again. The game is supposedly the spiritual successor to 2016’s critically acclaimed “Hyper Light Drifter.” It was supposed to be available on Steam this fall but it has been pushed to early 2024. 

Alx Preston, the founder and Creative Director of Heart Machine, the developer of the title, shared the news through a video message to the community. Preston’s message reassured fans that the wait will bring about the best possible gaming experience.

We need just a bit more time on Hyper Light Breaker before we launch into Early Access,” Preston said, “this means we’ll be pushing our date to early next year in 2024.” It’s a deliberate choice to ensure that the game reaches its fullest potential. 

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Hyper Light Breaker is transitioning from the 2D realm of its predecessor to an immersive 3D environment. The game is introducing a three-player co-op gameplay. Hyper Light Breaker introduces elements reminiscent of “Breath of the Wild,” one of Nintendo’s most acclaimed titles. The game’s first trailer shows combat mechanics that appear to deviate from the conventions of modern Zelda games, adding a unique flavor to the experience.

Video by Hyper Light Breaker

Preston is excited about the innovations being offered in the game. He states, “We have a lot of wild ideas we want to put into the game, which is exciting and thrilling since the format and tech we’ve created allows so much possibility.” 

Heart Machine’s commitment to delivering a remarkable experience is making the elongated wait bearable. In the end, fans are hoping it will be worth it. Alx Preston’s closing words echo in the minds of fans. The wait will yield a “stronger first step into open development” and a gaming adventure that will undoubtedly be worth every second.

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