How To Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner

How To Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner

Removing the activation lock without the previous owner’s involvement can be challenging but not impossible.

Activation lock is a security feature on Apple devices that requires the owner’s Apple ID and password to activate the device. To remove activation lock without the previous owner, you may need to contact Apple support, provide proof of purchase, and follow their instructions. Third-party services also claim to assist in bypassing activation lock, but caution is advised as these methods may be unreliable or violate terms of service.  

What activation lock is, and why it has to be locked?

A security feature called activation lock is intended to prevent unauthorised access to Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs. When activated, the activation lock links a device to a particular Apple ID, virtually prohibiting unauthorised use or sale of the gadget by anybody else.

When Find My iPhone (or Find My iPad, or Find My Mac) is enabled on the device, the activation lock is immediately turned on. The owner may remotely lock the device using iCloud or the Find My app if the device is lost or stolen. This will prevent it from being used until the proper Apple ID credentials are provided and will display a message with contact information.

This function reduces the motivation for theft because a locked gadget is useless as a deterrent for criminals. Furthermore, the activation lock ensures that personal data is kept private by preventing unauthorised users from accessing or wiping the device without the owner’s consent.

A device with an activation lock requires the rightful owner to log in using their Apple ID and password to unlock it. To avoid any difficulties with unlocking their devices, users should maintain track of their Apple ID credentials and have basic knowledge about how to remove activation lock on Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone etc. 

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Methods to remove activation lock without previous owner

People who have recently acquired their first iPhone may need clarification on how to remove activation lock without previous owner. “Find My” feature aims to keep your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch safe by shutting off unauthorised users. Fortunately, even if the previous owner is no longer available, there are a few ways to get over the activation lock.

1. Using DNS Bypass:

This technique lets you quickly control your new phone. What you must do is as follows:

  • Select the language and location from the Menu when your iPhone is turned on. To access the Wi-Fi settings screen, tap the Proceed button. Click on the i that is located in a circle next to the Wi-Fi tab.
  • To get around the iCloud activation barrier, enter the IP address of a DNS server. Depending on where you are, you must select one: USA: Europe Asia: Australia and Oceania Africa: Areas outside:
  • Select your network, switch on Wi-Fi, and then return to the previous page. Type in your passphrase.
  • Select your network, switch on Wi-Fi, and then return to the previous page. Type in your passphrase.
  • Don’t choose the Next page link. To get back to the iCloud Bypass screen, press Back instead.
  • Set up your iPhone’s applications and other necessities by scrolling all the way down to the Menu.

2. Using the iPhone Password Unlocker:

This approach is far more user-friendly than the prior one. Less tech-savvy customers could experience difficulties with the first approach, but AnyUnlock should be fine. You won’t have to struggle to figure out how to remove activation lock without apple id because this iCloud Activation lock bypass programme has a high success rate that is guaranteed. 

  • Download AnyUnlock for Windows or Mac. Install the tool, then explore all of the possibilities.
  • Your iPhone must then be plugged in and connected to your computer.
  • From the grid, choose Bypass iCloud Activation Lock.
  • To start the unlocking procedure, click Start Now.
  • Done! The former owner’s presence is completely gone.

Additionally, it moves forward much more quickly than calling Apple support, contacting the vendor again, etc.

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3. Request Apple to do it for you:

You may ask Apple to turn off the activation lock on your device if you are wondering how to remove activation lock on ipad. You must prove that you bought the item and are its legal owner to continue along this path. You’ll need to present proof of purchase for your iPhone to achieve this.

Go to your neighbourhood Apple shop to easily complete the verification procedure. You can get assistance with the papers from the staff. If this choice is out of the question for you, you can contact Apple support for assistance. 

  • Visit as a first step.
  • Next, select “Start a support request” from the Menu.
  • A page with terms and conditions will be displayed to you. After carefully reading them, press “I Agree.”
  • Enter your email address and the MEID, IMEI, and serial numbers.
  • Apple will send you a confirmation link.


Without the help of the previous owner, removing the activation lock is a complicated job. Technical expertise is needed, and there may be criminal activity involved. It is always advised to get in touch with the prior owner or Apple support for help when legally remove activation lock to ensure the procedure’s security and legality.

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