How to Block or Allow Pop-Ups and Redirects in Safari

How to Block or Allow Pop-Ups and Redirects in Safari

While pop-ups and redirects are popular tools used by websites to facilitate transactions, and share information, those are also used by malicious actors to infect internet users. It’s important to learn how you can allow or block pop-ups. Here’s some help.

Pop-ups are small windows that literally pop up on an existing window to show some additional information or to prompt an action. It is used actively by a lot of websites for marketing, delivering information regarding discounts and offers and in some cases to facilitate a fincancial transaction. So, it is an important tool applied by authentic websites. However if a website is infected or if you land on an unsecured website by chance, pop-ups can be dangerous.

  • A pop-up can direct you to a malicious website
  • It can be used for click-jacking
  • It can be used to steal data
  • Cryptominers can use pop-ups 

Moreover, pop-ups can hinder your browsing experience and consume computational resources. 

How to block pop-ups in Safari for MacOS

Safari is a secure browser that protects you against malicious sites but it cannot recognize authentic pop-ups from fake or malicious ones. It is something you have to do manually. Usually, when a website needs pop-ups to function properly it lets you know. So, you can block pop-ups in general and unblock them while using a website for which pop-ups are essential. Follow the steps.

  • Launch Safari
  • Go to Safari from the menu bar
  • Select Preferences
  • Go to the Websites tab
  • Select Pop-up windows from the bottom of the sidebar
  • Click on Block at the bottom of the window.

This will block all pop-ups in all the websites you visit. What if you need to allow pop-ups? Simply repeat the steps.

Launch browser > Safari > Preferences > Websites > Pop-up windows > Allow.

This will allow pop-ups and let you enjoy the full functionalities of websites that need pop-ups. At other times, it’s better to keep the pop-ups blocked. You do not want to click on an adware program. 

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How to block pop-ups on your iPhone or iPad? 

Safari is just as widely used on iOS devices as on MacOS. So, if you are an iPhone or iPad user, here’s how you can block those pop-ups.

Go to Device settings > Select Safari > Turn on Pop-up blocker. 

Repeat the steps to allow pop-ups. Simple, isn’t it?

Wrapping up

We’re in an era of extreme cybercriminality. There is a new form of cyber attack almost every month. 2022 has seen a terrifying number of ransomware attacks. A lot of these attacks are perpetrated by tricking unsuspecting users into clicking on malicious links. It’s better to be careful where you click. And for your own safety, keep those pop-ups blocked.

Ombir Sharma is Outreach Specialist at Tecuy Media. He is also an SEO and writer having an experience of more than 3 years in these respective fields. He likes to spend his time researching on various subjects.