Unveiling the Complex Persona of Dante from Devil May Cry

Unveiling the Complex Persona of Dante from Devil May Cry

Dante is the main protagonist of this franchise and the most playable character in most games. Born to demon Sparda and human Eva, he is the twin brother of Vergil and Nero’s uncle. He is a private investigator and devil hunter determined to kill them and other supernatural rivals. He aims to take revenge for killing his mother, Eva, and corrupting Vergil. As Sparda’s son, he has inherited some devilish powers that he uses on many weapons in the game.

Meaning of the name Dante

The character is named after the Italian poet Dante Alighieri. Hideki Kamiya, the game designer of Devil May Cry, wanted the character to come off as a cool and stylish man.


Dante’s character is muscular and has silverish-white hair with icy-blue eyes. He wears a red coat and carries weapons like firearms and weapons to stab. He also has Ebony and Ivory, his trademark pair of personalities, and twin semi-automatic guns that rapidly fire bullets and never need reloading. Dante also has swords, including Rebellion and the Force Edge, and has extraordinary strength because of his half-demon inheritance.

His father, Sparda, was a demon champion who took the side of humanity and prevented an invasion of the human world by demons 2000 years ago. His human mother, Eva, started raising him and his brother, Vergil, after Sparda’s death. However, she was killed in a demon attack when they were kids. Since then, he has been committed to killing her murderers. He is also seen taunting enemies and eating pizza in the series. Therefore, the limited editions of Devil May Cry 4 were packed in a pizza box.

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What is Dante’s Devil Trigger?

Devil Trigger is a power that demons have that allows them to use their superpower. With the devil trigger, the characters may get extraordinary powers like flying, etc. When the difficulty level is higher, enemies can enter the devil trigger, which makes them more powerful. In The Devil May Cry, Dante can only use the devil trigger on Alastor. His demonic forms are based on the appearance of a demon in front of him. Unlike other games, Dante stays in human form in his devil trigger mode and only acquires his demonic form while in attack mode.

How old is Dante in DMC 5?

Dante was 44 years old during Devil May Cry 5.

Unveiling the Complex Persona of Dante from Devil May Cry


Devil May Cry

In The Devil May Cry, 2001, a woman, Trish, hires Dante and resembles Eva, his late mother. She wants him to prevent Mundus, the devil king. However, Trish is planning to get Dante killed by Mundus’ agents. However, one of the agents is Soldier Nelo Angelo, who is later revealed to be Dante’s brother, Vergil. Dante defeats Vergil and also defeats Trish when she tries to attack him. She gives Dante her power to defeat the devil King Mundus and become partners with Dante.

Devil May Cry 2

The story revolves around helping Lucia defeat Arius, the businessman who uses devilish powers to win the world. At the game’s end, Dante has to go to the demon world to prevent someone from escaping, but the gate closes, leaving him in the demon world.

Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening is the prequel to the first game, featuring a younger Dante. At the game’s end, Vergil stays in the world of demons, and Dante has ownership of Force Edge.

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Devil May Cry 4

In The Devil May Cry 4, from 2004, Lady tells Dante and Trish that Sanctus, the head of the Order of the Sword, is using his power to conquer the world. Trish enters the order and confirms that it is Sanctus. Dante meets Nero and befriends him later, as they hate the same person. Dante is playable in the second half of the game, where he saves Nero and Kyrie. He trusts Nero with Vergil’s sword after Sanctus and the Saviour are destroyed.

Devil May Cry 5

He makes an appearance in Devil May Cry 5, from 2019, as the main character. A man, V, hires him to fight against Urizen, but he loses and goes missing for a month. While he is presumed to be dead, he is in a coma, protected by the sword Sparda. V finds Dante, and he spends many hours in a battle with Urizen’s forces. Dante also stops Nero from battling Urizen, as he is Vergil, Nero’s father. Nero helps to reconcile Dante and Vergil. They trust Nero with the human world, leave for the underworld, and become friendly rivals by the last scene.

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