Apple Releases iOS 17 Beta 6 to Developers: What You Need to Know

Apple Releases iOS 17 Beta 6 to Developers: What You Need to Know
Image: June Wan/ZDNET

The anticipation is growing for the launch of the iPhone 15. In the meantime, the tech giant has dropped another breadcrumb for enthusiasts. Apple has just released the sixth beta version of iOS 17 for developers

Apple has a pattern of pairing hardware announcements with software releases. In line with that pattern the release of iOS 17 beta 6 to developers offers an exciting glimpse into the features and improvements that the next iteration of the operating system will bring to Apple devices.

Although the Beta release is for developers, there’s nothing to stop you from trying it for yourself other than maybe the fear of potential issues and bugs and the $99 subscription charge. You can also try the public beta for free. Go to settings and select the iOS 17 beta updates from the software updates section. 

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Apple offers the option of waiting for the public beta if you want a more stable and hiccup free beta experience. This route generally arrives a bit later than the developer version but at least you get the assurance that major bugs have been dealt with.

If you like a fluent and seamless experience with your iOS, then it is probably better to wait it out till the full-release in September when they also release the new iPhones. 

Now, with the 6th beta out, developers can play around with the updates, improve their applications to fit with the changes. These betas are extremely important in terms of allowing app developers to ensure that their products are compatible with the new updated OS. There are, in fact, going to be quite a few major changes in the new iOS version. And enthusiasts have just under a month of waiting to do.

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