Alienware Unveils New Aurora R16 Desktop: A Gaming Powerhouse with a Sleek Makeover

Alienware Unveils New Aurora R16 Desktop: A Gaming Powerhouse with a Sleek Makeover
Image: Alienware

Alienware announces the arrival of its much-anticipated Aurora R16 desktop. This new and improved version of their flagship computer is set to take the gaming experience to greater heights with its cutting-edge design and impressive features.

Aurora R16 has shifted from the former triangle shape to a more modern rectangular form. This shift is in line with the company’s Legend 3 design language seen in its gaming laptops. This aesthetic overhaul also results in a significant reduction in size. The Aurora R16 is now 40 percent smaller than its predecessor. Fear not, it does not compromise internal volume. 

Alienware has also introduced the new Alienware Command Center for desktops. It offers a seamless control center that gamers can use to customize their gaming experience. They can tweak settings, optimize performance, and manage their system with ease.

Design changes aside, Aurora R16 brings a host of exceptional features. The desktop has achieved a 20 percent reduction in acoustics, making it quieter during intense gaming sessions. Also, it maintains seven percent lower temperatures. 

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The Aurora R16 will also have ten percent lower CPU usage than its predecessor. The machine has incorporated larger air intakes and exhausts to manage heat during demanding tasks. It now has a 54.5 percent larger open ratio.

Storage capabilities have been amplified with the inclusion of two M.2 PCIe slots, providing up to a staggering 8TB of storage space. This allows gamers to store their favorite games, movies, and media collections without compromising on speed and performance.

With the importance of connectivity in mind, the Aurora R16 comes equipped with support for Wi-Fi 6E and 2.5 Gbps Ethernet. 

The Aurora R16 desktop is available for purchase at a starting price of $1,750. For gamers in the US and Canada, it offers the option of RTX 4070 or RTX 4070 Ti, while European and Asian markets will have the additional choices of RTX 3050 and RTX 4080.

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